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Download Quran Moysar = For PC 2024

Download the Internet 2021 program for the computer, voice, and image for all readers, for free. Welcome, surfers of the Koigi Soft website, with a new Islamic program, and another presentation of one of the famous and really useful religious programs, which is the facilitated electronic Quran program.

About the program

Download the electronic program for the electronic Qur’an for the computer without the net. Many of us do not have many moments in which hours and minutes go in vain without taking advantage of it in the interests of this world and the hereafter, and some wish that he had a Qur’an in his pocket would have issued it and recited some of the verses of the wise male, and many of us pass through those The many times that go to waste while we are outside the house, like sitting in the many minutes in the metro stations, sitting in trains and different means of transportation and all the waiting times that we are exposed to in our daily life.

Now you can, along with the computer’s electronic Qur’an program, carry an electronic Koran with you by downloading and installing it on your laptop in order to benefit from your upcoming waiting times. The program not only allows the Holy Quran to be read through it, but also facilitates a good way for you to memorize the Qur’an and study Interpretation by hovering over the verses you want to interpret from the verses, and the interpretation will appear to you immediately.

Learn more about the Facilitator Program 2021 for the computer

Download the free online Quran program for the computer in the latest version of 2020, which is a program we must in those days that surround us from temptation from every side, especially in the era of development, the Internet, and social media that distracted us from mentioning God, you can now memorize the Qur’an and study its interpretation in a very easy way your computer.

Through this effective program, with the help of God, you can recite the Holy Qur’an and understand its interpretation in a fast interactive way without taking a great effort from you except to click on the verse to show you the program showing pages of the Holy Qur’an of the Prophet in full size with a beautiful Ottoman drawing.

Download the Noble Qur’an program for the computer. We also find that the recitation is divided in an easy way according to the pages of the Noble Qur’an with the addition of the possibility of repetition and control in order to establish memorization and become easier without forgetting the reasons for going down to each verse in addition to the provisions of intonation and other features.

The objective of the facilitated electronic Qur’an program: The program is a scientific encyclopedia of our Islamic nation that includes reading and memorizing the Holy Qur’an with the easiest modern methods of memorizing and fully understanding its meanings and studying its interpretation of an elite group of tafsir scholars as it contains a set of different interpretation references.

Electronic Quran features

  • Download the Koran teacher program The program is programmed in a distinctive way and enjoys its ease as the way it is divided and arranged makes it easier for you to move from one page to another.
  • Download the electronic Qur’an, the facilitated Qur’an program, fourth edition, a control and repetition tool through which you can repeat and repeat the Quranic verse more than once according to what you want, and the goal of this feature is to consolidate the Quranic verses in the mind of the user and easily memorize them.
  • The program includes all the information that is related to the Quranic verse as the reasons for descending and the provisions for intonation and recitation, the signs of the endowment and the tide, etc., which helps you to read and memorize in a completely free way from errors.
  • Certainly, your favorite reader will be among the reader’s list in the computer’s electronic Qur’an program, as the program contains seven different readers.
  • Download the Quran moysara 2021 program, you can download the recitations that you want for your desired readers.
  • You can use it without the Internet because you do not need an Internet when browsing the program.
  • It is based on four references: facilitated interpretation, reasons for the descent, rulings of intonation, and the virtues of the Qur’an.

Program Advantages

What distinguishes the latest version of the electronic Qur’an program, which is the fourth version, as it has addressed some of the negatives that appeared in previous versions, including the treatment of software errors in the search process as well as the treatment of the problem of changing and downloading audio files in addition to a new feature, is the ability to add a list of parts selection.


As for downloading, there is the possibility to download the complete recitation with the voice of Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly with a size of 196 megabytes or download without recitation files and copy the files of the pages in the MP3 folder and then download the recitation of your favorite reader and there are seven readers are Sheikh Mashari Rashid Al-Afasy, Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi, Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly, Sheikh Saud Al-Sarim, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Ajmi, and Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais.

Program additions

As for the program references, they are four references: the facilitated interpretation, the reasons for the descent, the provisions of intonation, and the virtues of the Qur’an. If we talk about the facilitated interpretation, it has been collected and transferred from the King Fahd Complex site to print the Qur’an.

The reasons for the descent were transferred from the book (Al-Sahih Al-Musnad from the reasons for the descent) by Sheikh Muqbel bin Hadi Al-Wadi, may God have mercy on him, as was the adoption of the provisions of the rules of intonation, the site of faith and the site of intonation with regard to the provisions of intonation.


Here we come to the end of our topic in which we talked at length about the wonderful religious program, the facilitated online Quran, and to a new meeting about God on the KoojiSoft website, and may God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

Download the electronic Qur’an program for all readers – the entire Quran. Download the Koran application available for computers, laptops, mobile phones, Android, and iPhone. Enjoy reading the Holy Qur’an from the Qur’an program and we invite you to publish the page link between your friends to share the reward and reward in reading the Holy Qur’an from the electronic Qur’an with audio and video.

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