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Download the Azan 2021 program for the mobile phone of the muezzin for free. Hello, all visitors to the Koji Soft website for new technology. In a new topic, we will address one of the most important programs and months on the level of religious programs, according to, which is Azan Prayer.

The best software for the computer Azan latest version 2020

Download the Muezzin Computer 2021 program This program is one of the best, time-quality and richest prayer time reminder programs and is the direct competitor to the program that we previously presented and it is a program other than my prayer, as this program is characterized by many and many features that we cannot find in the previous program.


Ela Salaty
Ela Salaty2022 4.6 Islamic Finder

Downloading the muezzin program for free for the computer The official website of the program is the Islamic finder and I downloaded the last version of its number 4.5 before a period of time and it can be considered the main role played by the prairie caller is to hear the call to prayer automatically when entering the prayer time. As for its size, it does not exceed 8 megabytes and is compatible with most modern operating systems and can be installed for mobile phones, such as Android, for example, and computers alike.

Program Advantages

Downloading Bilal Al-Muezzin Computer Program Our program is characterized by the presence of two copies, a free version available to all, and a paid version whose price is estimated at $ 29.9 and has additional features compared to the first version. The two copies share 9 characteristics, including the prayer times in which they include 6 million cities across the world, which is a very large and huge number Compared to other programs with the same content.

Download the Green Muezzin Program for Computer 2021 also, both of them have the feature of advanced options and the ability to show important Islamic dates. The call to prayer can also be launched automatically at every prayer time from three mosques, which are the Sacred Mosque, the Prophet’s Mosque, and this Al-Aqsa Mosque without forgetting the elderly supplication. After the call to prayer.

The program interface

So we find it in Arabic, French, English, Spanish, and Russian, which is the largest percentage of languages ​​we find in an Islamic program at all. Also in the interface we find the Hijri and Gregorian calendar also. The program also contains methods for calculating prayer times according to the time approved in Each country and the possibility to choose what corresponds with you.

The paid version

As for the features of the paid version, it has seven characteristics, the most important of which is the call to prayer by the preacher Yusef Islam from several mosques, including Egypt, the ability to convert the calendar from the Gregorian to the Hijri and vice versa, determine the direction of the qiblah in a graphical form, the ability to send the call to prayer for those present with you in the local network and the ability to display moving pictures of different mosques.

We hope you liked our presentation of the program and a new meeting with a new presentation of other useful programs.

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