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Download the program except my prayers 2019 or to my prayers: here we are with a new topic and a modern explanation of a wonderful Islamic program in every sense of the word, this program cannot be dispensed with any Muslim who uses the computer, whether in his home or even in his workplace and provides it The trouble of opening TV, radio or the Internet to hear the call to prayer, especially if you are involved in your work or browsing the web, or even if you are unable to hear the call to prayer after the mosque or other reasons.

A quick overview of the program, Ela Salati 2021 for computers

Download Ela Salaty 2021 Arabic program for free for the computer for mobile. We, as Muslim people, have to be very careful about our relationship with our Lord, especially in that era, which has undoubtedly become the era of the many funkiest and dispersions such as social media and others that forget the prayer times due to our preoccupation with these means, which is social media.

Downloading a program except for my prayer, the latest version, free of charge from us, it never happened to him that he was sitting in front of his device, raising the ears, not hearing or hearing it, and not paying attention to him because he was so busy with the device, without a doubt that there is no excuse no matter how the prayer drops you.

Download the program except in Arabic. Therefore, we are very keen to ensure that every Muslim performs the obligatory prayer, as it is the oxygen of life and the thing that reassures the soul and erases worries with a prostration that you worship to God, and let it live in your distress and distress as God Almighty said.

Download Ela Salaty mobile program for free. Now that you download the Al-Silati mobile program, you can maintain your prayers and keep up their performance because of the advantages and characteristics of the program that help you to hear the call to prayer on the level of the globe at the time allotted for each of the five prayers.

Program Advantages

  • Program to My Prayer is a free Islamic program available to everyone, created by a group of Arab Muslim programmers who wanted to advance and adapt Islamic technology to serve Islam and Muslims.
  • It is also characterized as being easy to download and install and is compatible with most operating systems such as Windows (7, XP, …) and others, as it is light in size and does not exceed 30 MB often.
  • What also distinguishes it is the ease of use by using accurate and highly organized algorithms that enable the user to control the various tools of this program in an easy way and without any complications mentioned.
  • The prayer or prayer program can alert Muslims of their prayer times in 252 countries worldwide, i.e. 9511 cities.
  • If the prayer times do not match the country in which you live and that does not happen at all, you can manually adjust the prayer times.

Many features of the program except my new prayers 2020

  • You can listen to the call to prayer of your favorite Sheikh as it contains a group of the best famous muezzins around the world.
  • A feature that the program alerts you to enlarging the ear only or full ears.
  • Ela Salaty program contains a radio that you can play when the device is connected to the Internet.
  • It includes the Hijri and Gregorian calendar to know the date.
  • The interface of the Al-Salati program is almost wonderful and attractive, as it changes according to the variations of night or day times, with the advent of the night you find the sunset, then after dinner, the moon is in the background as it is really in its true form, with the ability to change the background to suit your taste.
  • The feature of selecting a program to run immediately after the ears or before it, according to what you want automatically.
  • Knowing the direction of the qiblah by having the compass have a compass to determine the direction of the qiblah.
  • Morning and evening supplications and a wonderful collection of some different dhikr and supplications, with the ability to set and specify the time you want to run it and listen to it.
  • Continuous and continuous updates of the program except my links to the computer.

The program Ela Salaty for the computer 2020

Download the ela salaty program to alert and remind the ears and prayers The main task of the prayer program is to remind the prayer times as the main task through the call to prayer which you can hear with several voices for many sheikhs but it contains other features as well as showing multiple supplications or morning and evening supplications, as well as honorable hadiths all, appear according to the settings That you have previously performed in the program.

As for when diving into what the program also contains, we see that there is a compass in its interface that enables us to know the direction of the qiblah, in addition to that, you also find a tape underneath for news, whether political or Islamic, that deals with the reality and news of Muslims across the world and is selected and updated, of course, from the sites and blogs Islamic and Da`wah as you can find above the Gregorian and Hijri calendar alike.

Download a program to my new prayer. Also features available in the ela salaty program is the ability to manually adjust the prayer times to suit the time in your city and country. You also find diversification of prayer times in several ways, where you can set the alarm time before and after the call to prayer for the number of minutes you want.

Download the Al-Aslati program for a computer for free. This is a simple introduction to this wonderful program, which sings us out of any other programs. And to a new explanation for other programs. And may God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

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