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Download the Picasa program to display pictures professionally on a computer, so Picasa is an application that specializes in managing, organizing, editing, printing and sharing photos, too, if you are a fan of photo editing, Picasa will like you very much, as it is a program that works to edit pictures as it has many capabilities that make it distinct from others Programs.

Picasa provides the ability to modify images free of charge as downloading the Picasa program for the computer completely free and can modify the size of pictures or cropping, and helps remove the red-eye, and contains many tools that provide the ability to add effects to the images, and helps greatly in improving the colors.

General information about Picasa

Download the Picasa computer program for free. Picasa helps edit and organize digital photos. It was created by Idealab, but it was sold to Google. The name of the program was inspired by the artist Picasso. Download the Picasa 2021 program Initially, the Picasa program was not free, but in July of 2004 Google introduced it free of charge, it is designed according to the programming language c ++, and its latest update was in 2016 and carried the number, Picasa program works on all systems Operating, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Picasa features

Picasa provides many features that made it one of the foremost programs concerned with editing and managing images, and adding effects to them. You will discover many advantages after downloading the latest Picasa 2021 program from our website

  • One of the features of the Picasa program is the ability to manage and edit pictures, where you can download the Picasa program to edit photos. Picasa also contains many features such as importing digital files in addition to tags, and the feature of facial recognition, with the ability to improve the colors of pictures and reduce the red-eye.
  • Download the Picasa image display program, allowing the ability to design slides of images and add audio files to them.
  • Picasa offers the option to print photos from home without any errors. We also offer you to download the new Picasa 3.
  • Picasa has the ability to design and display slides, create and print photo schedules.
  • The ability to compress images to make them suitable for e-mailing.
  • A Picasa Arabic software download is available for your computer. This is because we found many people around the world searching for the Arabic version.
  • Picasa provides a search bar, this bar is permanently visible when viewing the library, as it also displays active searches, so it can filter the displayed items by their types.
  • The ability to search for images according to their colors, where the user can search for any image by specific colors by using the color factor.
  • Picasa has a simple and easy-to-use interface that works in full-screen mode or slideshow mode.
  • Picasa maintains the changes made to the photos in a folder in the disk on which the program is installed, meaning that when the program is deleted due to a malfunction that can be reinstalled while preserving all the images being modified or modified, it is possible at any moment to back up all the photos and projects Completed on the Picasa program.
  • Picasa program works on all operating systems, it is completely free, and does not impose restrictions on users when editing their photos. All options and effects are available free of charge.

Download and install Picasa

  • Picasa can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon below this text and then waiting a few seconds while the file is fully loaded.
  • In the list of downloaded files, we will find the installation file by clicking on it, a window will open that must agree to the terms of the program and then continue to click on the next after we specify in which disk we want to install the program, we must continue and wait a little while the installation ends completely, then by clicking on the Finish button, The program will be ready to go.
  • By searching for the program icon on the desktop and clicking on it, we will be able to work on the best program for editing and modifying images.


Picasa is a program that is concerned with organizing photos, making adjustments to them, and sharing them on the Internet, which is characterized by simplicity and ease in dealing with it, and it is considered one of the free programs provided by Google, Downloading Picasa for the computer, which is considered the best among the programs in editing photos and adding effects on them.

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