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Download Photofiltre = For PC 2024

Download PhotoFilter Studio 10 latest version 2021 for free to edit photos, so PhotoFilter Studio is a free program used to edit and write images. This program is an alternative to Photoshop when you need to make simple adjustments to images.

Features of Photo Filter Studio program

  1. Photo Filter Studio is simple, easy to use and uncomplicated as it can be used by non-experts unlike Photoshop.
  2. The program is free and does not require a purchase, as it can be downloaded from the Internet and start using it immediately.
  3. Photo Filter is very light and does not take up much space on the hard disk, as its size does not exceed several megabytes.
  4. The program is easy and fast to install and run, and it does not cause problems when installed on weak devices.
  5. Photo Filter contains a number of tools that enable the user to make adjustments to images easily and quickly, as there are improved drawing tools and color palette on the right side of the program, and on the top bar in the program there are all necessary options to modify images.
  6. There is a tool in the program that enables you to quickly adjust the color contrast and tone of the image. You can fix color defects in the image using this tool manually or automatically, as the program will fix them by itself if you want.
  7. The program includes several filters.
  8. PhotoFilter can modify different formats of images.

Disadvantages of Photo Studio 10 filter

  • The number of filters in the program is limited, it only contains the most used filters, and this defect seems to be the most annoying defect for users.
  • The interface of the program is not customizable, so you will have to use the program as is.
  • PhotoFilter does not include layers, which may make it difficult to deal with the different elements in the image.


So, PhotoFilter contains some important features such as that it is small in size and does not consume much memory and other features that it is difficult for a respectable photo editor program to have. In addition to that, it includes a number of defects like any other program, except that it seems that the number of faults of PhotoFilter is greater than necessary.

App Info

Name: Photofiltre
Version: 11.4.0
Size: 29.72 MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: DesignApplication
Developer: Antonio Da Cruz

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