On screen keyboard


7.2 Windows 3 10 4.3

On screen keyboard

On-screen keyboard is a virtual keyboard program that can be applied to a computer screen, allowing you to enter data quickly and easily using the mouse pointer.

Features of download the On-screen keyboard for the computer 2020

  • There are many reasons why you should choose to download the 2021 On-screen-keyboard instead of the regular mechanical keyboard, when your computer keyboard is down, or when you want to secure input and avoid monitoring the keylogger.
  • Supports high customization and many other powerful features.
  • You can download Arabic keyboard for Arabic typing for PC for free on-screen keyboard windows 10 download free
  • Multilanguage support
  • Support for speech guess feature.
  • The trial version also includes many different keyboard models for users as a reference.
  • Leave you now with the download of the On-screen-keyboard

App Info

Name: On-screen-keyboard
Version: 7.2
Size: 3.8 MB
Views: 3
Op. System: Windows
Price: 0
applicationCategory: DesktopEnhancementApplication
Developer: Comfort Software Group
Source: https://www.comfort-software.com/

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10 4.3

يتم فحص الملف الان... يتم فحص الملف الان..

اذا لم يبدا التحميل اضغط هنا

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