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Download Libreoffice = For PC 2024

Free Download Arab Office Libre Office 2021 – an alternative to Microsoft Office | We all need office programs on different devices and operating systems, and when we mention office programs, the first thing that comes to our mind is the suite of office programs, but it is worth noting that we know that office programs are not the only ones in this field. There is also a Libreoffice, and in this article we will talk about the program and its most prominent advantages and disadvantages and on which operating systems it works.

What does Libreoffice offer you?

Download Libre Office second secondary program
LibreOffice offers a set of important and indispensable programs, namely:

Writer; This program will help you to edit books that contain an index, as well as from which tables can be made, and we can print small letters if we want that. It is also used in making graphs and illustrations. LibreOffice is similar to Office Word, but it is distinguished by great distinction as it can correct, complete and format By default, it acts as your Libre Office word processor.

Calc, which is the program responsible for spreadsheets, whereby you can analyze and manipulate the data so that it gives the correct results that are fully transparent, and your results can be displayed in a three-dimensional image by using graphs. 

  • The third program is Impress for Presentations; This program helps present your work in a very exciting and new way, so that it moves away from boring traditional shows, as it has many attractive sound effects and wonderful animations that attract the attention of all attendees.
  • You will also find the program Draw which represents vector graphics; This program can draw many linear connections between various shapes, and it can draw graphs and other drawings that are very difficult, starting from scratch until we get the final wonderful shape.
  • Math program, which has the ability to process many equations.
  • Base; This program supports the so-called databases so that all users can create their own database, and it also enables you to create many forms and reports to help everyone who will use the program in the future on easy access to data .

Features of Libreoffice  

Download libreoffice writer

  • This wonderful program can be downloaded completely free of charge without any financial cost.
  • It is a program that can be used to accomplish many tasks that are badly needed in running daily business.
  • He owns a presentation program like PowerPoint.
  • If you are a student, this program will help you in solving many equations, whether mathematical, chemical or electrical, as it is similar in its function to Microsoft Excel.
  • It is considered one of the easiest programs to use, This is because it has a great interface that helped everyone who used it to interact and interact with it easily.
  • This program is available in several languages, and by that it addresses the language problem that some may encounter.
  • The LibreOffice program is always in constant development, it is a program licensed under the global LGBL license, and this license provides many advantages such as modifying the program and copying it as you like.
  • LibreOffice is distinguished by its ancient origins, as it was first released in 2010, and of course its roots go back even further. This program contains the feature of converting files to pdf.


  • It does not contain many of the features found in its competing programs, especially Microsoft programs.
  • If we compare Microsoft Excel with Math, there are a lot of advantages that we will not get in the second.
  • In general, the Libreoffice software may be a bit slower than the Microsoft software.
  • Some people who have downloaded the program complain that the option to create the table does not appear for them when opening the program interface.
  • Types of systems on which the program works
  • Download Libre Office Calc program
  • The program works on the following systems: Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

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