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Download the pdf program for 2020, whether you are a regular user of the computer, a commercial man, a government company or educational bodies, you definitely need a program to read pdf files, and this means that downloading the 2021 Foxit Reader program has become a necessity but rather it is one of the basics of computers that are indispensable As for it, there is no use now for personal computers but he needs a PDF reader program, so today I present to you the best program that you can use to view pdf documents which is Foxit Reader.

What is Foxit Reader?

Pdf 2021 or Foxit Reader is a program that displays PDF files, Foxer Reader 2018 is characterized by its small size and speed in completing tasks, as it allows you to open any PDF file at a high speed, and it also provides you with the ability to print this file if you want to keep it as a book or Reference, as the program uses all owners of companies and institutions to view documents for work or withdraw them for signature and send them to the relevant authorities.

Pdf Reader program was created with high accuracy and excellent quality and this is to view the files well in order to satisfy its users, and this of course provides for everyone who uses the pdf program a great experience to view PDF documents as well as print them.

The most important features of pdf reader 2020

  • The speed of viewing PDF documents as well as the accuracy of printing PDFs and maintaining file quality without depleting computer system resources.
  • Ease of viewing PDF files, as the 98 program allows you to view multiple-tab styles document.
  • Fox Reader allows users to move between different PDF documents quickly and easily.
  • The PDF viewer provides you with a flexible, you can choose the view that suits you, where you can view the document in various ways such as reading mode, reverse display, as well as the text viewer options, and you can also display the page with full screen, one page, continuous scrolling, split, two sides of the page, the interface Persistent, separate cover page, auto-scroll, and page transition options.
  • Pdf 2021 computer program also allows you to easily add and edit bookmarks in a pdf document.
  • The pdf file player allows you to rotate pages length and width, and also provides you with the ability to zoom in and out or adjust the zoom using the marquee tools, camera, and magnifier.
  • After downloading the pdf 2021 program, you will notice that it supports many languages ​​such as English, French, Russian, Italian, … and many other languages, especially of course Arabic.

Pdf 2021 Extensions

Comment panel

It lists all the comments in a PDF document and provides a number of common options that help users to better verify their comments, such as expanding or shrinking all comments, as well as sorting the comments in different ways.

Summarize the comments

It allows users to create a new PDF document that contains the summary of comments and set document properties, such as paper preparation, page range selection, etc., of course, it is a great and convenient way to get a summary of all the comments associated with the PDF.

Document restrictions

Now that you can download Foxit Reader for free, you can view the document restrictions by clicking on the Security tab in the Properties dialog. The document security method restricts what can be done to files, and the document restrictions summary displays a list of tasks that users can perform.

MSAA support

Part of the user interface elements supports Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA), which means the delivery of user interface information alongside MSAA.

Simplified user interface

A completely redesigned user interface with a beautiful new look that makes Foxit Reader easier than ever, like updated icons and a re-categorized menu bar.

what’s new?

Share comments and discussions

Post opinions or ideas about PDF documents in the discussion board to share and discuss with others.

Enhance collaboration with a related review

You can now see all comment activities on a PDF document at a glance and filter from a comment dashboard.

Fast web view support

Convert files as standard PDF files that can be opened and viewed even before the entire file is downloaded.

ECM and network drive support

Preview non-PDF files in SharePoint and popular network drives (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and One-drive) inside Reader by automatically converting them to PDF.

Help sensitive content

It provides feature-based self-help tools that include a “Tell Me” link that can connect you with a search center and search features.

Cloud reading

It provides users with a seamless reading experience across platforms and devices.


All comments posted on both desktop and mobile devices can be synchronized during the connected browsing, allowing you not to miss any important message.

Convert XPS files

After downloading the pdf e-book reader program, you can convert xps files to pdf files.

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