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FoxPDF PDF to Word Converter

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Download FoxPDF PDF to Word Converter = For PC 2024

PDF to WORD conversion program download with direct link for free 2019 Pdf to word converter This program is well known, millions of people around the world use this application to convert PDF files to Word files, as PDF files are widely spread and circulated more widely than Word files, It is an excellent formula as it maintains the same formulation design that was created with it, but it is somewhat difficult to amend on it and this is what makes millions of people resort to this program to convert its format to a Word file.

Formula conversion program for Android

  • Compatible with open office and many other open-source programs.
  • The application is available to everyone without any cost compared to other programs that work in the same field, such as Adobe Reader Acrobat PDF Reader … and others.
  • The amazing PDF to DOC program not only converts pdf file to word file but also converts pdf files to doc files
  • There are a lot of advantages that this great program has in store for you and now let’s go together to learn about some of the features of the application that will impress you.

A quick tour of the most important features of the program

  • The size of the program is very small so it does not take an absolute time to download the pdf to word converter program for free and does not take up space on the device, as well as the installation of the program is done very quickly. download manager
  • He can also deservedly maintain the PDF design, i.e. maintaining the same style and the same arrangement in Word and organizing images and colors even after making your adjustments to the file.
  • The application creates a new folder when converting the formula while keeping the primary file, so that you can refer at any other time to the source file in case you want to make sure of anything, and serve as a reference for you.
  • The program also allows converting Word files to pdf files, and the conversion of files is done at a high speed.
  • Microsoft Office does not need to be downloaded.
  • PDF to Word converter or vice versa 2016 conversion program enables you to convert e-books to Word files, and also allows you to convert some pages only in case you do not want to convert the book completely. Formula Conversion Program
  • Anyone can use the program with ease as it does not need a professional to deal with it.

Download the pdf to word conversion program

  • The program is compatible with all operating systems such as windows, Linux … and many other operating systems.
  • It also supports 32bit and 64bit systems.
  • Pdf to word converter free supports many different languages ​​around the world, so that use is available to as many people as possible.
  • It allows you to convert files to other formats such as Excel, PowerPoint, HTML web pages, Images … and others.
  • It can also convert PDF files that are password-protected to word or any other format you need.
  • It has a distinct and smooth interface.

Program disadvantages

  • Sometimes it does not work well with files containing Pictures. Photo editor
  • It cannot convert DOC files to PDF files. Pdf download


The program is really absolutely amazing and absolutely indispensable, now you can download the complete Pdf to word converter program for free that supports the Arabic language with a direct link “Convert Word to PDF or Convert PDF to Word”

Explain how to install pdf to word

After completing the download of the pdf to word converter program “Download the complete pdf to word converter” click on the icon to install the program and the following window will appear for you meaning that you are sure that you really want to install the program? Click Yes

And now the program will start to smooth out, when the next window appears click on Next

Then press next again

The next window will appear, making sure to place a check mark inside the box as shown in the figure and then next

You are about to complete the pdf program, now you have to click the install button

The next window states that you have already finished installing the PDF program, click finish

With this, the program has been successfully completed, and now I leave you with this wonderful program.

App Info

Name: FoxPDF PDF to Word Converter
Version: 3.0
Size: 6.64MB
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: FoxPDF

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