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Norton Family Premier

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Norton Family Premier 2021 Today, the average child spends 40 hours per month surfing the Internet, one of the things you need to know is what your child spends their time browsing the web, so you can provide a high level of monitoring to protect them from dangers that Norton Family Premier provides you An in-depth offer, so you can keep them safe.

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The Norton Family Premier 2021 incorporates and adds many new features to the features available in the Norton Family.

Features of Norton Family Premier 2021 Free Download

  • The visual activity report will show you all the websites your child visits or tries to visit, you can access the sites your child visited and block specific sites.
  • You can set a time limit on your child’s computer to ensure that he does not spend much time on the Internet and teaches him good computer time management habits.
  • You can even limit the use of computers to particular hours or days of the week.
  • Monitor all activities on social networks: You can know which social networks your child visits most often.
  • Keep track of the words, terms and phrases that your child is searching for online, you will know more about your child’s interests online and when they are intentionally searching for prohibited or inappropriate content.
  • Provide Email Alerts: Allows you to monitor your children even if you are away from home, Norton Family will send you online activity alerts automatically via email.
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