Family KeyLogger

Family Key Logger

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Family KeyLogger

Family KeyLogger 2021 You are often away from home and you are not very comfortable because you do not know what your child is using on the computer, Family Key Logger XP will help you track all of your child’s activities on the computer as well as that of anyone using your computer, you just need to Install the program on your computer, then set the option to run in the background.

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Family KeyLogger 2021 Family KeyLogger is a tool to monitor the writing activity of your family, it can use most of the advanced technology provided by today’s popular operating systems, helping parents know what children are doing in the big virtual world?

Family Key Logger XP will automatically record keyboard usage on your computer and nobody can know the program is running except for you because when it runs in the background, the program leaves no traces, even in the Windows task list.

Features of Family Key Logger

  • Very small size and consumes fewer system resources.
  • Family keylogger 2021 works fine in IE sandbox.
  • It can run in the background (it is not visible to anyone).
  • Users are able to manually set the hidden switch.
  • Support option to hide in task list (invisible mode or stealth mode) for 32-bit program.
  • Hide in uninstall list.
  • Install, configure and use 2021 Family KeyLogger on multiple operating systems.
  • You can now download Family Keylogger 2021 family keylogger free download full version

App Info

Name: Family Key Logger
Size: 287.22MB
Views: 73
Op. System: Windows
Price: 0
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: spyarsenal

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