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Norton Family 2021 With the free Norton Online Family program, parents will know what their children are doing online, discover potential risks and manage their computer time, Norton Online Family provides parents with a powerful tool to know what children are always doing, to ensure they stay safe.

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Features of Norton Family 2021

  • Norton Online Family 2021 supports web management and blocks dangerous websites that children can visit.
  • The easy-to-understand report provided by the Norton Family Download will help parents understand clear addresses.
  • Limit computer access time for children: Parents to monitor and set a schedule for children’s computer use to ensure they are not too much on the internet.
  • Social Network Management: Parents can know which social media sites children have used and what personal information they have posted (names, gender, personal photos, etc.), you will really understand what your kids have done so that they can guide them to smarter choices.
  • Chat management: Norton Online Family downloads many of the main chat services and informs parents of the names of the people the children talked to, as well as what they exchanged with strangers, so they can easily make sure that the people who spoof, as well as the information they talk about, so you can also know Whether your child is being bullied or threatened online through chatting.
  • Search management: Downloading Norton Online Family 2021 helps verify  words, terms, and paragraphs that children are searching for, so parents will learn more about the interests of their children on the Internet and learn if they are looking for information that is blocked or inappropriate for them.
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