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Download Kurupira Web Filter = For PC 2024

Kurupira Web Filter 2021 is a free parental monitoring software that can block inappropriate websites, filter content, and manage web time.

Download the Kurupira Web Filter for computer free of charge with the latest direct link in the latest version 2020

Features of Kurupira Parental Control Software Download & Blocking Unwanted Website 2020

  • You can download Kurupira Web Filter 2021 Website Blocking Software and block any inappropriate content on the web by using free smart updates to get the latest database of inappropriate content.
  • Block sites and programs: Where you can download a program to block websites and programs and monitor children, users can set the programs and sites that can be accessed, with just one click, you can block access to social networking sites or the chat program.
  • Time management: Set the time of day and the amount of time allowed to access the Internet on the computer, set time limits for accessing the web during the day.
  • Computer Usage Log: The computer spam blocker allows users to always monitor their computer usage (both the program and the website) with detailed graphs and reports, from there, you can actually find out which applications and websites are using the most.
  • Followers will always receive detailed reports about anyone’s internet usage, which is a graphical report that shows the amount of time and frequency of accessing the web or using the program to help you know in detail who did what and when.
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App Info

Name: Kurupira
Size: 399.28MB
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: kurupira

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