Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite

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Nokia PC Suite is a suite of Windows PC applications developed specifically for use with Nokia phones. Depending on your phone model, the package allows you to sync, edit and back up many of your phone files on a compatible PC, over a wireless or wired connection.

Features of the program

  • You can synchronize data, back up phone content, promote software updates on your phone, as well as share files between your computer and cell phone.
  • Nokia PC Suite supports a long list of Nokia phones and it is easy to install and operate on a Windows device.
  • The program combines multiple accounts and data to work faster, and allows you to edit and delete information.
  • Integration with a mobile device is done via an Internet connection or a USB cable.
  • An automatic update to the new version is available so you can download the latest official version of Windows XP for Nokia PC Suite.
  • Nokia Pc Suite is a great tool for Nokia phone users, it is possible to make a full backup to manage your multimedia files.
  • The app performs all operations automatically, with just a few clicks to make any changes.
  • Sync can be done via USB, infrared or BlueTooth cable.
  • The program offers an incredible array of multimedia programs to be used, each with a specific function.
  • Contacts: Create and edit contacts on the computer, and you can then add them to the device.
  • File manager: Searches for files in the internal memory of a cell phone or on a memory card, for later transfer to a computer.

App Info

Name: Nokia PC Suite
Size: 64.4 MB
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Nokia

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