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SynciOS is a computer-based program that provides the ability to manage, restore, and backup iOS phones. Backing up any iOS phone can be done simply after installing the program on your PC. To recover iPhone photos or any other data you lost, you have to connect your phone to the computer and run the SynciOS program, then you can select the contents you want to recover. You can recover music files, photos, applications, contacts, bookmarks, notes, and more with this program. If you have backed up your files using SynciOS, your data is saved and ready to go back to your device whenever you want.

Methods for data recovery and backup in SynciOS

SynciOS is not a regular backup program, but rather a supernatural program in this field, with the full meaning of the word “supernatural”. You can make a backup copy of your phone to restore it when needed, that is, you can restore phone data from a backup file that you previously created through the program. But if you haven’t created a phone backup, how can the data be restored! SynciOS can restore data to your phone from your phone backup stored on iTunes easily, so even if you have not created a backup using the program you will be able to restore data provided that the data you want to restore is stored in your iTunes backup files. Sometimes, your device may crash with important data inside it and it is not possible to restore it in the two previous methods, then you can resort to the third method that allows you to recover data even if the device is not working.

Files that can be recovered

SynciOS does not provide the ability to restore files of various types and formats, rather there are specific file types that can be restored, and the same is true for backup. The files that can be recovered include photos, videos, music, applications, messages, contacts, safari bookmarks, notes, and call log files and the files that can be backed up include all of the above, in addition to e-books and some other types of files.

SynciOS features

  1. It has an easy-to-use interface.
  2. It provides the ability to restore data and make backups in several ways.
  3. It has a beautiful and attractive design.
  4. It provides the ability to recover many different types of files.
  5. Handling it is very comfortable.

App Info

Name: Syncios
Version: 6.7.4
Size: 127.7 MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: SyncDroid

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