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Download Google Drive = For PC 2024

Download Google Drive computer program with direct link 2021 for free, Google Drive is one of the services that Google provides to everyone who owns a GMAIL account, this service provides its users with a storage space of up to 5 GB, and the user can download more than 5 GB via a service Google Drive, while this service enables its subscribers to share folders and files with friends or with the public, by sending them a link through which they can download files that were previously uploaded, this service is completely free.

General information about Google Drive program

Google Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google, that service was announced in 2012 and is considered a development for the Google Docs service that allows storing office files on Google servers and that ensures the security of files and not accessing them except by the person who owns the file or Whoever gives him permission to do so.

Google Drive features

  • Google Drive makes it possible to make the uploaded files available to everyone, meaning that anyone can edit, download, and share the file with everyone.
  • The program supports the Arabic language, you can download the Google Drive Arabic program.
  • A Google Drive user can also grant specific powers to other members involved in editing the file. Downloading a Google Drive computer program can give a member the ability to edit the file or only grant permission to view the downloaded file without being able to modify it.
  • One of the advantages of this program is that it enables cooperating users to edit files or documents to chat with each other via chat, which is available in the Google Drive program.
  • Google Drive allows the name of the person who was collaborated within the creation of the file and allows the ability to click on the share to see the people and documents that were collaborated with in order to obtain the required file.
  • One of the advantages offered by Google Drive is the ability to edit written documents by Microsoft with ease, by opening the document and then clicking on the pin icon placed at the top and choosing to run on a Microsoft program.
  • By entering the Add-ones menu, you can download many add-ons and extensions for free and easily add them to the document you want to accomplish.
  • Google Drive is the easiest among the programs that support uploading files via drag and drop feature. Downloading google drive for a computer is easy and fast in downloading files.
  • By using Google Drive, file links can be made easily. If the user wants to create a document, spreadsheets, or presentations, they can be converted into a link that can be shared with friends or the public.
  • Google Drive is available as a mobile installable application, and is compatible with all computer systems.
  • Google Drive makes it possible to work on editing documents without the need to access the Internet, by installing more of this feature through Google Chrome.

Download and install Google Drive

You can easily download the installation file by clicking on the download icon below the text, then wait a little while the download ends, and looking at the list of downloaded files we will find that the installation file has become within the list of downloaded files, by clicking on it and then agreeing to the program terms and determining the location of the installation and then waiting for a little From the time the program will be ready to use.

That service provided by Google via Google Drive is a service that provides a space of 5 GB for each user that enables him to keep his important files, and it is possible to obtain more space by upgrading the space but for a sum of money, but it may be 5 Giga is sufficient for normal personal use and sufficient for saving files.

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