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Download Shareit = For PC 2024

Download Share It for Computer 2021 program for free Latest version of Share It is a program that performs several important tasks, and is available for mobile and computers. The task of sending and receiving files is the primary task for which ShareIt was developed.


Download Share It for Windows 7 The ShareIt 2021 program also works on most operating systems, whether on the computer or on the smartphone, and the ShareIt 2021 program can also be used to send video files, audio clips, mobile applications, computer programs, text files and all other types of files.

ShareIt provides you with the ability to send and receive files from a smartphone to another smartphone or from a smartphone to a computer or from a computer to a smartphone or from a computer to a computer, that is, it sends and receives files to and from all the devices it works on regardless of the type The device and its system also use Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, which was used by some old programs, which provides a very high speed in sending and receiving files.

Shareit 2021 program between computers and smartphones

Download Share it to the computer for free, as for the mobile version, when sending large files, there may be no blank memory on the phone to receive the file, in which case you can receive it on the external SD card by changing the location of receiving files through options, and it can be easily linked Smartphone in a computer using Share It in several ways.

For example, you can connect a computer to a mobile phone by opening a contact point from the mobile phone and calling it from the computer, or by opening a contact point from the computer and connecting to it from the mobile phone, and all this is done through the program itself. The QR code can also be shown on the computer and scanned using the mobile camera so that the computer and the mobile phone can communicate with each other instantly.

Share it for computer Arabic

Download the shareit program for the computer is Arabic. The size of the ShareIt program is small and does not require a large memory to install on a mobile or computer. It also does not consume a lot of memory when it is running due to the fact that the functions it performs are relatively uncomplicated, and it is also possible to do a text chat between any two mobiles connected to each other using it, and it is also possible to shake a mobile from the other mobile connected to it.

Shareit 2021 allows you to cancel the transmission process at the time you want and without problems, and if a problem occurs during transmission, for example, if you are sending a very large file and its size is 500 MB and the transmission stops at 250 MB, the program when you resend the file resumes the transmission and does not start Send again, so you save a lot of time.

Shareit is free on the computer and on the mobile and is available in the Google store and in many Arab and international websites. It is available in a large number of languages, including Arabic and English, and it is possible to display the images on the mobile phone on a computer.

Download shareit computer program in Arabic 2020, and you can browse computer files and copy them to mobile easily. The shareit program features the latest version with an easy-to-use interface, so even children are able to use Share It with high professionalism and great ease.

Disadvantages of Share It

  • Errors occur when trying to connect to a smartphone through a computer if the computer is connected to a Wi-Fi network transmitted via a router or other device. Therefore it is advised to disconnect the computer from any other device connected to it via Wi-Fi before opening Share It.
  • Sometimes errors occur in sending files from the computer to the mobile phone, as the program cancels the transmission without reason, and then you will have to resend the file that was canceled, with the note as we mentioned that the program does not resend the file from the beginning.

How to connect the mobile phone to the computer via share it

  • Install the latest version of Share It on your computer, and the latest version also on your smartphone.
  • Make sure that the computer’s Wi-Fi device is working and an ID.
  • Open Share It on the computer, then open it on the mobile.
  • From the options in the program on the mobile, click “Computer Connect”.
  • We offer you to download shareit computer 2021 program with a direct link.
  • You will see the name of the access point transmitted by your computer that was created using Share It. Click on it.
  • The connection may take place immediately, or the program may ask you on the mobile phone to enter the password of the connection point or/and you may be asked to obtain approval to call on the computer and the mobile then you can press OK on both devices to call.

Note: The password is displayed on the interface of the program on the computer, and if it is not displayed, you can display it by clicking on the eye shape next to the text box in which you type the password.

App Info

Name: Share It
Version: 4.0
Size: 6.15MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: ushareit

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