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2021 Navigraph Charts is a spacious and powerful application whose main function is to download and display maps of airports and air stations as well as route of airways.

The program covers nearly the entire world and most of the current airports, with more than 36,000 maps covering more than 2,000 airports.

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All maps are professional, similar maps are used by airlines, routed and prepared according to a standard template, individual radar control circuits, approach paths, minimum altitude and other data related to air navigation are marked.

Features of Navigraph Charts 2021 Download

  • Navigraph charts supports zooming in any part of the map (up to 6400% of the original size), which allows you to see even the smallest details and marks.
  • Rotate and flip maps.
  • Support remembering the last position on the zoom settings map after exiting the program.
  • Integrated download manager support for new maps.
  • Backup of airports and routes database (once a week).
  • Map printing function in the original scale (if we have a printer that can dealing a meter-long paper), in a smaller size or on several smaller pages.
  • When starting the program, you can choose between the units offered. It could be the Anglo-Saxon units traditionally used in aviation, or the metric units more understood in our culture.
  • Downloading the Navigraph Charts app is a great choice for all civil aviation and air transport enthusiasts.

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