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Download itools Arabic for a computer for free 2021 iTools is a program through which you can manage and control iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone, and it is considered one of the best free programs that allow you to control these devices from the computer so it is the first choice for users, especially since it Very similar to iTunes, not only that; Also, through this program, you can manage and control Android devices such as Samsung.

About the program

Download itools 3 is activated for life and is one of the free programs that have a distinct and simple interface, through which you can control and manage devices running iOS and Android, and this program is not limited to its capabilities as a file manager only; Instead, you can fully control your devices.

Download itools 2021 The capabilities of this program did not stop at this matter only; In fact, he eliminated a problem that most users face when transferring their files to the computer from Apple devices, which is not suitable for the format of video files or music files, except that iTools has a format converter which automatically converts it when you transfer it to suit your device, which makes you enjoy the best picture and sound What could.

Download itools to the computer with a direct link, and if you want to control applications such as installing or even deleting them from your device, you can easily do this through iTools; The program contains an application manager that helps you to do this directly on the Apple device from the computer, and if you want to make a backup of the mobile applications so that you can restore them later, you can do so simply through the program.

Learn more about the new iTools program

Download itools 4 is active for life and it does not stop only when the applications can be backed up; On iTools, you can even back up the folders themselves, which gives you peace of mind on your important files. You don’t need to worry if they become damaged or lost one day, you have iTools.

Download the iTools program for the computer, and you can, through iTools, search for album covers and lyrics for music files on the Internet, in addition to the ability to export and import books and files to and from the device through iBooks, and the program contains one of the unique things which is its ability to convert mp3 to m4r formats.

Download the iTools program for the computer for free, of course, through iTools, you can control the photos and videos, import and export them to and from the device, and you can through the program keep your device clean from unwanted files or those that you do not use frequently to get the necessary speed and many features The other.

The difference between iTools and iTunes

Download iTools 2018 If we compare iTools with iTunes, we will find that the first works faster, smoother, and convenient for features that are not found in iTunes, iTools has become much better than iTunes because the second is a slightly complicated program compared to the first, and of course The situation people always like the easiest programs to handle.

An overview of the program’s features

  • The program supports all iOS devices.
  • Through the program you can convert Mp3 files to M4r.
  • With it you can automatically convert video and file formats to suit your phone.
  • You can install and delete applications through the application’s application manager.
  • Smooth and simple interface for beginners.
  • Import and export photos, videos, and files to and from your device.
  • Back up files, applications, and photos to restore them at any time.

In the end you can deal with iTools easily, which has a lot of advantages as it is designed to become the perfect alternative to iTunes and so far most people say that this program is the best for managing iOS files.

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