If you think GPU-Shark or GPU-Z are still unclear about your beloved card info, GPU Caps Viewer is..

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Op. System Windows
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Modified Date 2020-08-24
Developer Jerome Guinot
Version 1.45.0

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3.6 out of 5
19 ratings

GPU Caps Viewer

If you think GPU-Shark or GPU-Z are still unclear about your beloved card info, GPU Caps Viewer is the latest tool with which you can find out information about your hardware graphics card.

Key features of GPU Caps Viewer

  • A quick view of the graphics configuration (graphics card / GPU, amount of video memory, graphics card driver version).
  • It shows the main features of OpenGL.
  • It displays support and expansion of OpenCL API.
  • Show graphics card supported OpenGL extensions or show all current OpenGL extensions, regardless of which graphics card you have.
  • You can open the website it describes in the OpenGL Extension Registry or OpenGL Extensions of NVIDIA.
  • Very useful for graphic developers !.
  • Shows NVIDIA CUDA support level.
  • System configuration display: CPU type and speed, system memory capacity, OS, PhysX version.
  • GPU core temperature display.
  • GPU Burner or Stabil Test: Allows GPU heating to check graphics card stability.
  • Full report in text and XML format, as this type of report, is very useful for developers who need to define a client’s graphic system.
  • Graphics Card Confirmation: The graphics card data is sent to the oZone3D.Net server and you will receive a confirmation link.
  • You can use this confirmation in criteria or help graphic developers solve specific problems.

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