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GazeRecorder is a program designed to track the user’s eye movements and focus their gaze while watching the content displayed on a computer screen.

No program requires specialized equipment, this program is often used in ophthalmology, but you only need to use a regular webcam, and GazeRecorder’s advanced algorithms will take care of identifying and tracking eye, iris, and major facial movements, all of this will be achieved with consideration of three dimensions.

Features of GazeRecorder 2021 Download

  • GazeRecorder tracking is extremely accurate and works even if the user moves their head, there are changes in lighting, or the face is partially obscured or not aligned with the camera frame.
  • The program is able to record video material from a research session and present everything that happens on the screen with animation.
  • Supports dynamic heat map for focus gaze.
  • In addition, static-looking heat maps are also created, which are saved in JPEG files.
  • It should be noted that GazeRecorder allows you to precisely calibrate your gaze, taking into account the size of the screen and the distance from the face to the camera.
  • We allow you to download GazeRecorder to create video recordings and track your eye movement

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