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Earth Alerts

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Download Earth Alerts = For PC 2024

2021 Earth Alerts is a simple and elegant program that allows you to track a lot of natural phenomena in almost real time, in every corner of the Earth.


We provide you with a free download of Earth Alerts for PC, with a direct link to the latest version 2020

Earth alerts 2021 download main functions

The main functions of the program include:

  • Global overview of weather phenomena such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, and tropical cyclone activity.
  • Track extreme weather events (including hurricanes) in the United States, local volcanoes, fires and mega-landslides.
  • Display detailed warnings for each phenomenon, and usually contain information about the degree of danger, the expected strength of the element and the expected damage, in addition to safety recommendations for residents.
  • The option to quickly display the most current natural hazards.
  • The ability to track the weather at a specific location, as well as quickly identify the forecast for the coming days.
  • Integration with Google Earth, allowing satellite imagery of the specified area to be displayed.
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application sources

The program draws its data from many sources, mainly provided by the US meteorological and geological observatories, but it is also possible to observe natural phenomena outside the United States of America.

Other features in downloading the Earth Alerts program for the computer for free

  • Updates are performed automatically every few minutes.
  • A “photo of the day” option that shows the selected weather phenomenon in all its glory.
  • The software can also notify us of imminent serious threats via email, text or voice.
  • NET Framework 3.5 is required to run the program.
  • Also, downloading Earth Alerts weather tracking software lets you know all natural phenomena before they happen.
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