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Download DirectX = For PC 2024

DirectX Download is a set of drivers and technologies that allow the display and implementation of multimedia elements in specific applications or programs such as 3D animation.

Direct X is one of the most essential programs for those interested in video games. DirectX supports multimedia elements like video clips, advanced sound effects, or 3D animation.

Program to run games on Windows

DirectX turns your PC into a platform suitable for optimal video or graphics gameplay. At the time of installing the program on your device, it searches for the Windows version for the computer and downloads the corresponding version of DirectX. Then it provides updates for the security and performance of the system, knowing that the latest version is now available 11.

Playback components

Depending on the version of DirectX installed; It includes all runtime components released by Microsoft up to the latest ones such as D3DX, XInput, and Managed DirectX. DirectX also includes various APIs such as DirectSound, DirectPlay, DirectDraw, and DirectInput.

To get detailed information about the DirectX version installed on your Windows system; The dxdiag command (click Start and type dxdiag), lets you do that.

The latest version of DirectX takes full advantage of PC performance, such as the graphics card, to provide a better display of multimedia elements. Compatibility with 64-bit Windows operating systems. This tool is completely free and multilingual.


With each new release of DirectX (for example, DirectX 6.0), new drivers are added, as well as new functionality sets.

  • Direct3D: 3D graphics acceleration
  • DirectDraw: 2D graphic acceleration (Vector graphics)
  • DirectVideo: Accelerate video sequences
  • DirectSound: control the sound card
  • DirectInput: Control game consoles (joystick, joypad, …)
  • DirectPlay: manage the data circulating over the network (for online games that take place on the Internet)

Drivers that DirectX groups categorize by category


Direct3D is one of the most popular DirectX features. Direct3D is a type of interaction between the graphics card and an application that uses 3D. This interface is currently divided into two layers:

Hardware Layer (called HAL), which uses 3D hardware functions, meaning those that are managed directly by the processor from a 3D accelerator card without using the CPU (ie from your computer).

The software layer (called HEL, in English “Hardware Emulation Layer” or “Hardware Emulation Layer”), which emulates a graphics card when necessary. This means that when the program uses a 3D function that the 3D accelerator card doesn’t have (or if you don’t have an accelerator card), the software layer in Direct3D will ask the central processor to calculate that process and then send the result to your graphics card.


DirectDraw is used once the image is called (render). It then acts as a memory manager, trying to allocate the memory required to store images or information regarding the depth of the object.

DirectPlay and DirectInput

DirectInput allows you to manage the data exchange between the used game controller (joystick, joypad, mouse, steering wheel, …). DirectPlay is used when the game has network support (online game), it can manage the network card to ensure smooth communication between different players.


DirectSound is an interface between the game and the sound card and allows including listening to digital sounds and sound effects in 3D.

Cons of DirectX

First of all, even though DirectX includes a great set of drivers, the latest drivers aren’t around all the time, so sometimes you have to download some drivers online.

Then; Games sometimes install different versions of DirectX without asking permission during installation, so after installing a new game it may not work after it in another game …

Therefore, you have the right to ask what to do when installing an old version of DirectX after DirectX 6.0 was released. When installing the latest drivers, previous versions usually do not overwrite the latest version. However, if that happens, all you have to do is reinstall the latest version of DirectX!

The diagnosis

The DXDIAG utility, which can be based on clicking Start, typing DXDIAG, and clicking on the icon that appears, provides very accurate information about your installed version of DirectX and its compatibility with the material on the system!

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