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Many of us need to play audio files while working on the computer, and there are many programs for playing audio files such as mp3 files and others. If you are looking for an effective program for that, I advise you to use the wonderful program AIMP 2020, after a long experience with this program, which is one of the most powerful Audio file drivers.

Download AIMP After your first trial, you will definitely dispense with all other programs for playing audio files in your device. Here are some of the features and characteristics provided by this program.

The latest media programs to play audio and video.

AIMP features for playing audio files

  • Download AIMP to play audio files 2021 for free. AIMP program is completely free and has no ads. All you have to do is enter the official program’s website and get your copy.
  • Download aimp program Arabic The program is very light and you do not feel its work during the operation, it does not consume only a very small part of the device’s memory and does not cause any slowdown either when running or working on it, and its size does not exceed 8 MB only
  • Download aimp software supports most different audio formats, most notably MP1, MP2, MP3, MPC / MP +, AAC, AC3, Ogg, FLAC, APE, WavPack, Speex, WAV, CDA, WMA, S3M, XM, MOD, IT, MO3, MTM, UMX
  • The program provides many different and wonderful shapes, in addition to the ability to run the program in the background without the need to display the program interface via the desktop
  • The program allows the ability to add many audio clips at once and control their playback with automatic playback of these files. The user can also prefer the audio files that he wants
  • Download aimp to play audio files for free.

Learn more about the benefits of the new AIMP 2021 program

  • Audio player The programs provide many important shortcuts to deal with during operation via the keyboard
  • One of the very important features of the program is the ability to convert audio formats, as the program allows converting files to WMA, mp3, wav, or Ogg formats, which eliminates the use of other conversion programs.
  • There is no need anymore to use another audio recording program, with this program you can record the sound using the computer and save the files that you have recorded in the format that suits you.
  • Download AIMP 2019 to play the latest audio software for free
  • Media programs The program allows creating and organizing audio libraries, in addition to the ability to listen to the radio
  • The program provides a very unique feature which is the ability to control the shutdown of the computer, where you can play the audio clips that you want to listen to and set a timer to shut down the computer when these files are finished.
  • Download the audio driver for the computer for free. The program supports cutting audio files, where you can save a short clip from within the audio file you want and store it on your device while making it available in a variety of formats
  • Finally, AIMP 2021 is available for all versions of Windows, including Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 10. Download AIMP.

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Name: AIMP
Version: 5.02 Build 2370
Size: 12.48 MB
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Artem Izmaylov

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