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CloneApp 2021 our computers are constantly being stopped and crashes, whether because Windows stops working or the presence of a virus that makes you delete all programs from your device or change Windows, all of which make us delete our programs and download them again, which causes a great loss of time or it is possible to forget to download Some programs and Download CloneApp 2021 have solved this problem, through which you can take backups of all the programs you want to make it easy to reinstall them again.

Advantages of downloading CloneApp

  • Downloading the backup socket program for programs as CloneApp 2021 for the computer is free of charge, with a direct link and is considered easy to use, and portable, where after completing the copies of the programs, you can save it on a flash drive and put this flash on any device to install the programs that you took copies of.
  • Downloading CloneApp supports more than 200 programs, including the most popular programs such as the Office suite and anti-virus programs.

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Name: CloneApp
Size: 230.01MB
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Op. System: Windows
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