C-Organizer Professional

C-Organizer Professional

Windows 10 8 4.5

C-Organizer Professional

2021 C-Organizer Professional is a powerful tool for storing private information such as tasks to do, contacts, passwords, etc.

Features of C-Organizer Professional free for pc with direct link 2020

  • Her service – though not nearly as complicated – may give the impression at first glance that she is trapped.
  • However, after a few minutes of taming the app, we will be able to freely navigate its functions.
  • In the lower left corner, there is a list of available views, such as: Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Passwords, Notes, Events, and Current Day. c-organizer professional 2021 choosing any of them changes almost the whole picture, which opens new possibilities for the user.
  • With the calendar selected, at the top we will see a few months surrounding the current date, with which we can click on any day.
  • Then in the main part of the window, a list of fields marked with hours of the day will appear, in which you assign any task.
  • We have lots of options to choose from: Description, Planned Start and End time, Priority, Category.
  • All things to do are also displayed in tree form below the mentioned menu.
  • Also, downloading c-organizer professional 2021 enables you to set tasks as one-time or recurring, and there is nothing to prevent you from creating reminder alerts.
  • By selecting the task button from the lower left corner, the user’s eyes will see a list of it, regardless of the planned time to accomplish it.
  • Download the C-Organizer Professional program, c-organizer professional free download

App Info

Name: C-Organizer Professional
Size: 37.4MB
Views: 10
Op. System: Windows
Price: 0
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: csoftlab
Source: https://www.csoftlab.com/

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8 4.5

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