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BitTorrent is a program that allows you to share and download files, as users share resources, which reduces the time required to transfer content.

The torrent network was created to keep pace with the development of Internet connections since the popular P2P software did not make the most of it (possibly because the older networks were created at the time of the Internet telephony).

Features of the program

  • BitTorrent is one of the best options for downloading and sharing files to take full advantage of your connection, now it also offers a built-in suite of apps.
  • An interesting feature of BitTorrent is that it can be controlled remotely from a smartphone, it is also possible to specify the speed at which files are exported and imported, as well as preview the contents while downloading them.
  • Being able to access files from all over the world, you guarantee entertainment at any time of the day, and better yet, the program does it for free.
  • How it works? Through its protocol, the program uses the concept of P2P (peer-to-peer) to connect users with a very effective type of data sharing.
  • Unlike other software in the industry, BitTorrent allows you to download every file in small random bits, to make downloads faster.
  • Each user contributes to a portion of the file that they chose to download, and in the absence of an arrangement for receiving data, all parts are later organized so that they can actually be used on your computer. At the same time, everyone contributes to the network, even with files that have not been downloaded.
  • A .torrent file contains the information needed to start sharing, including the source location and a file-validation sequence. Thus, after opening a .torrent file, you can start the download, so you can constantly monitor its progress.

App Info

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Developer: BitTorrent, Inc.

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