Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

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Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is a program to download files from the Internet to the computer created by ToneC International. Idm is one of the best programs for downloading files. Almost all internet videos can be downloaded using it. But it does not work on all operating systems. Download 2021 download without registration.

Download Manager IDM interface

  • Some information about Internet Download Manager for the computer
  • Briefly known as IDM.
  • It is developed and programmed using C ++.
  • Internet Download Manager is a proprietary program.
  • It is available in many languages, including Arabic.
  • The size of the program is usually approximately 6MB.
  • The program is not free.
  • 6.30 is the current stable version of Internet Download Manager.
  • Download the Arabic Download Manager program, and it is available in other languages, including English, French, German, and others.

Internet Download Manager 2021 Features

Download Manager program has many advantages that make it one of the most powerful programs in the field of downloading files from the Internet, for example, we mention:

  • IDM is the fastest internet download program for Windows computers.
  • Compatible with most browsers, and works very efficiently with Firefox and Google Chrome. But of course it requires installing an extension on the browser.
  • When playing a video, Internet Download Manager immediately shows an icon to download this video, and all the available beats for the video, whether on YouTube or any other website.
  • It downloads videos and all other files by ordering multiple requests from the server at the same time. We will explain his (genius) mechanism later.
  • With Download Manager Download for free without registration for life, it will be possible to download several files at the same time.
  • With IDM, you can download videos from websites that broadcast real-time video, that is, live broadcasts.
  • You can arrange downloads by date, name, or size, as well as other sorting options.
  • Stop the download and complete it as you like.
  • Internet download manager 2021 full download.
  • He uploads the file in parts, and if he finishes downloading part of the file, he will convert the speed that he used to download this part to the next part.
  • Download manager 2021 download manager can download from sites that require a login.
  • With the grabbing tool available in it, you can download all kinds of files that you want, located on a site. For example, if you want to download all videos in MP4 format from a website, you only need to use the grab tool and specify the type of files to download, i.e. MP4.
  • Program updates are not late.

Disadvantages of Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager

  • The program interface is not very elegant.
  • Sometimes compatibility errors occur with the Firefox browser, caused by the incompatibility of the version of Firefox installed on the computer with the version of IDM also installed on the computer itself.
  • Sometimes the provider does not allow a large number of requests to the same user, which causes the file to stop downloading, and sometimes the ability to resume downloading is not possible.
  • The download speed may be reduced when using a poor capacity computer.
  • It is only available for Windows OS.

How does Internet download manager work?

Example: If you are downloading an 8MB file, what Download Manager does to speed up the download is to send eight requests for the same file but with a slight difference, which is that in the first request the download starts from 0 bytes, that is, from the beginning of the first MB. On the second request, the download starts from approximately 1MB, that is, from the beginning of the second MB, and so on.

Download the download program from YouTube to computer for free

As for Idman’s video capture tool, it is one of the best tools available for Windows, so if you want to download a video, I advise you to use this program.
As we mentioned earlier, the program is the fastest for Windows, so if you hate to wait a lot, use the Internet Download Manager. If you like elegant programs, you can use another program with a more elegant user interface.

Free download video from any website for the computer

Do not forget to notice that Internet Download Manager is also one of the most important and powerful video download programs from any website or video platform on the Internet and not only from YouTube, such as downloading video from Facebook and from Vimeo and Dailymotion

Download Download Manager Ready for free without full activated registration for life

In fact, the only way you can download the IDM downloader program without registration problems and no serial number is to have an official copy activated without a lifetime crack from the official website at $ 25 or a one-year activated version at only $ 12, and this is a small price It eliminates the constant search for crack, serial, or activation of Download Manager, and it protects you from possible breaches in any patch you download.

There are several ways to start downloading files, which are as follows:

1- Download directly from the browser

Internet Download Manager supports several browsers such as Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, AOL, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape, and many other browsers.

When you click on the download link for the program from the browser, IDM will automatically capture the link and download the file of your choice.

2- Add the download link

You can manually add download links to IDM using the add URL feature, then a dialog box will appear that enables you to press the “OK” button until the download process begins.

3- Click on the right mouse button

IDM has been incorporated into the right mouse when using many browsers like Firefox and Netscape.

Downloading files in this way is especially useful when IDM cannot activate the file download icon automatically, just select the video and right-click to save.

4- Drag and drop links when using IE on the main screen

Drop Target is a window whose input is hyperlinks that can be dropped from browsers like IE, Netscape, or Opera.

You can drag the link from the browser and drop it into the window to start the download process immediately. If you want to hide this window, you can turn it off.

Important functions and icons in IDM

There are many features that you will enjoy when using Internet Download Manager, you can learn about the most important in this simple list:


When you double-click on the file name, the properties box will appear, from which you can identify some file information, and allow you to change the file location on the drive, URL, and file description. You can also open the file directly using the “Open” button.


In the “Options” box, you can reset all configurations to suit your needs and purposes, the dialog box includes 7 tabs: General, File Types, Connection, Save To, Downloads, Proxy, Site lodgings, Dial-Up, Sounds.


The General tab can be used to specify: start automatically with Windows, integrate IDM into browsers like IE, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape … etc.

IDM supports many customizations that integrate with browsers, the basic customization allows you to check the type of integration used for each browser by selecting the browser and clicking the Details button.

In this integrated mode, you can add a browser by clicking the “Add Browser” button, the program then selects the browser version and then can integrate itself.

In addition, it allows you to define IDM hot key sets / request when blocking files.

File Types

It can be used to change the file formats uploaded by IDM or via the browser, therefore, you can prevent downloading files from some pre-defined websites.


On the Connection tab, you must choose the speed of your Internet connection, this is necessary for optimal use of your internet speed.

Avoid setting “Max Connection Number” with a value greater than 4, as this can greatly reduce the connection speed and slow down the server as you download data. Moreover, it can affect some security measures for network administrators.

On the other hand, increasing the number of connections can speed up the file download process if you have a high-speed connection.

If you want to specify the maximum capacity that IDM can take advantage of online, you can choose to allocate IDM download limits, this is very useful with some communication standards such as Direcway, Direct PC, and Hughes, for example, you can set the maximum speed to reach 40MB per hour or 150 MB every 4 hours in a row, this way you can make full use of the connection to download large files.

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Developer: Tonec

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