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Download Facebook Downloader = For PC 2024

Uploading all of your photos and your friends’ pictures to Facebook at once. Facebook Downloader Downloading pictures to Facebook is easy, as you can download multiple pictures at the same moment. But the problem is that sometimes when you surf on Facebook you find a picture album that contains useful words, for example, and you want to download them, but unfortunately you will not find in front of you except to download each picture separately, so you click on each picture with the right button and then save it, and this process is repeated several times, of course That if the number of photos is too much, you will be bored, as well as time.

Don’t get bored there is a solution with FBDownloader

Facebook Downloader FBDownloader solves this problem, and enables you to download your pictures or pictures of others comfortably and away from boredom, you just select the album that you want to download and let the program do the process.

Program Advantages

  • Download the Facebook Download program, the size of the program is small.
  • Simple graphic interface that makes it easy to use.
  • Download the facebook video downloader program for the computer. Download the pictures you are mentioned in.
  • Upload photo albums you have created.
  • Download Facebook Downloader 2021 your friends’ photo albums.

You can also download the images in a normal way, meaning their color, or download them without color.

Download the image download program from Facebook for the computer the program, although it was a bit heavy, but it is a suitable solution to avoid wasting time, and to avoid the repetition of the Save As process that afflicts boredom and calls for you to give up downloading those images that you want.

Explain how to install the program

  1. After downloading the program, we open it to install it, and then if you agree to the policy and terms of use, press I agree
  2. The program is now installed if you are installing the program and there is a browser open, the program will ask you to close it
  3. After the program has finished installing, press Exit: close
  4. After that, open the program, and a window will appear for you in which to log in to your account on Facebook:
  5. After you type in your name and password and click on login, the program will ask you to agree to its terms
  6. After you agree, a window will appear that allows you to download images, and this is the graphical interface of the program, which, as you note, is easy to use and does not require any explanation
  7. After you challenge the type of photos you want to download (either yours or your friends’ pictures), the program starts the download process.
  8. Download photo albums download program from Facebook 2021 for free.

If you encounter problems while installing the program or during the download process, you can post a comment here and you will be answered.

App Info

Name: Facebook Downloader
Version: 1.4
Size: 4.28MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: CodePlex

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