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Download Accelerator Plus

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Download Download Accelerator Plus = For PC 2024

The speed of downloading files is something that comes at the top of the desires of any Internet user continuously, and therefore, Download Accelerator Plus comes among the priorities of users of download programs from the Internet.

Introducing Download Accelerator Plus program to increase download speed

DAP program, which is the abbreviation for Download Accelerator Plus, speeds up the download rate and speed to nearly 300%, can be used as a standalone application to download files of multiple types with increasing speed, and DAP can be integrated into browsers to become the default download manager when navigating through pages and websites, It supports different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

The program downloads files very quickly. In one experiment, DAP managed to download a file in 4 minutes and 28 seconds, while Firefox took about 19 minutes and 18 seconds to do the same task.

Download Accelerator Plus features to increase download speed

  • During installation, DAP can be set to auto-start at system startup and set preferred language.
  • The app is fairly easy to use, and new download tasks can be added by pasting URLs or by importing a previously created download list, MP3 list, plain text file, or HTML web page.
  • Just as with any download program, you can open downloaded files or save them to a hard disk, and you can also delay or schedule downloads. Download a download program from YouTube for the computer.
  • The “DAPsters” extension offers a one-click download from popular websites like com,, and
  • Download Accelerator Plus is able to automatically scan items downloaded from any viruses, provided that this is done by an external application linked to DAP, and it is also possible to install an add-on called Multi Antivirus Security to run scans on all downloads, files and sources.
  • You can set the program to finish after downloading the specified files, close the program, disconnect the Internet from the computer, disable the modem, or shut down the computer completely.
  • “Mirror Search” is a service that speeds up the download process by automatically searching for alternative servers that contain the target file.
  • Existing add-ons can be disabled or removed from the DAP interface, while new additions can be obtained to improve the overall download experience. Some of these add-ons include an audio editor, MP3 download, and an FTP browser.
  • Version 10 offers a link checker to validate the file before downloading it, along with the DAPsters feature for one-click downloads from popular hosting sites, and the program can also be customized with many useful add-ons, such as the multiple antivirus described previously.

Download Download Accelerator Plus to increase your download speed 2020

Download Accelerator Plus is a great program to increase the speed of downloading files, and fortunately the application comes with many useful features that allow for customization, especially additions.

Those who are still dissatisfied with the free version can upgrade to DAP Premium to disable ads, get special downloads, accelerate downloads, and more.

Users should be careful when following setup steps, since DAP offers to download other software that you do not need to install, once installed you can set the tool as default manager for all downloads.

Download Accelerator Plus is compatible with Windows operating systems with its various versions, and it is multi-lingual and includes help documentation, in addition to this its very intuitive interface, and its lightness that does not make it consume the CPU and RAM of the computer or weakens the capacity of the system.

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