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Download BatteryInfoView = For PC 2024

BatteryInfoView 2021 Almost anyone who uses a laptop / netbook is very concerned about the current state of the battery, if you need a utility to find out that to get information about your laptop’s battery, please download BatteryInfoView.

Download BatteryInfoView for the computer for free with another direct link 2020

the features of downloading BatteryInfoView is to check laptop battery

  • This system program is a free application by NirSoft that helps you find out the details of your computer’s battery.
  • The interface of 2021 BatteryInfoView is very simple, only two columns of information are description and value.
  • Capacity is the most important information about the battery, and thanks to the download of BatteryInfoView you will know the current capacity of the battery (full charge capacity) and compare it with the design capacity (designed capacity) to find out the remaining capacity of the battery.
  • If the designed full capacity charge / capacity ratio is smaller, that means the battery capacity has decreased significantly.
  • In addition to that, you can also view battery usage activities like charging / charging with same amount of time.
  • Another good thing about BatteryInfoView is that it requires no installation and is very compact. You just need an EXE file to run the program after extracting it.
  • BatteryInfoView stores battery charge log information.
  • Among the battery information that BatteryInfoView displays: battery name, manufacturer name, serial number, date of manufacture, power status, current capacity value, full-charged capacity, designed capacity, battery health, etc.
  • batteryinfoview free download

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Name: BatteryInfoView
Version: 1.22
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Op. System: Windows
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Developer: Nir Sofer

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