Battery Status Monitor

Battery Status Monitor

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Download Battery Status Monitor = For PC 2024

2021 Battery Status Monitor is a reliable application, it provides necessary information regarding laptop batteries and other components.

Downloading the Battery Status Monitor app lets you monitor battery health and also allows you to track other devices. Battery Status Monitor has a float widget that you can place anywhere on the screen to closely monitor battery health. If needed, you can also switch to other power modes or turn off your laptop directly from this app.

Features of Download Battery Status Monitor application for PC for free

  • This app can tell you the battery status as well as the current charge percentage.
  • Additionally, you can also view the charging capacity with mWh.
  • Information such as name, capacity and additional battery details are also available.
  • The Battery Status Monitor allows you to see the type of battery you are using, the number of cycles and the charge percentage.
  • The app comes with a handy chart so you can easily keep track of battery life.
  • In addition to that, you can also see the speed and CPU load.
  • Battery Status Monitor also allows you to monitor CPU and hard disk temperatures, which can be very helpful.
  • You can download the Battery Status Monitor program for free for the computer as the application is completely free, so we recommend that you try it.
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