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Download VirtualSIM = For Android

Download virtual sim program for Android 2021 for free, so we often wished to communicate with people via WhatsApp or other communication programs, but without disclosing our real phone numbers, Virtual sim provides us with fake numbers to solve this problem. Read this topic to know more about it, its advantages, problems, how to benefit from it, and other information of interest to you.

Features of VirtualSIM 2020

You won’t need those plastic slides anymore! Save your money and escape being watched by cell phone service providers! Download virtual sim and enjoy the following features:

  • Fake numbers from 38 countries around the world.
  • You can use the program with your real number, the default number, or with both.
  • You can use the program to communicate with your friends after they download it.
  • You can use the US numbers to create an account on WhatsApp.
  • The use of numbers is free for voice or written calls within the application itself, while conversations or messages without it are at nominal rates.
  • You can download a virtual sim app for Android with a direct link through our Koiji website.
  • Loaded with the feature of transferring the balance from one number to another.
  • Downloading the new virtual sim apk, you will not find annoying promotions in it like other applications.
  • Virtual sim download supported with notification feature so you never miss any call or message.
  • Using the program, you will be able to share videos, photos, as well as the geographical location.
  • With it, you can choose your status from Busy, Available, or Offline.
  • Maintains your privacy, you can hide the sim number when using it.
  • The program has been supported by a new feature that is completely suitable for it, which is the ability to change the sound! You can also test its effectiveness by making a free call to the numbers of the program, namely: # 381765410001 or #### 381765410002.

How to use VirtualSIM app to communicate with virtual numbers

  • Once you download it and log in, you will get a trial US phone number for one day, during which you can create an account on WhatsApp.
  • Start searching for the country you want to buy a number from.
  • The numbers are valid for a month, after which you must re-participate to extend the period. Or, you can activate the automatic renewal feature from the start.
  • If you want to make an international call, buy a number from within that country, and contact local call rates! This is useful for those who have expatriate relatives, for example, or for those who run businesses in countries other than their country of residence.
  • If you own a tablet and want to convert it into a phone, but it is not supported by the SIM add-on feature, a virtual sim will be very useful for you then.
  • You can start making free text or voice calls through it with ease. Meanwhile, choose the phone number you want to show or hide the caller.
  • You can recharge credit for the number, starting from 1 EUR, through the application itself or through its website.
  • If you purchase more than one number, the credit charged can be used for any of them, and you will not have to recharge each number separately.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the credit transfer feature smoothly: select the name you want to send the credit to, then type the balance value, then press submit.

Disadvantages of virtual sim

The application is wonderful, but it is not without flaws, of course, the program has one problem, and the program’s developers are working to address it, which is that international numbers do not support text messages except in the case of choosing a country from those countries: the United States of America, Britain, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland, Finland.

App Info

Name: VirtualSIM
Version: 4.2.0
Size: 54.21 MB
Package: com.virtualsimapp
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Virtual SIM

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