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Downloading the My Orange 2021 application, which is the famous Orange application, which increases the interaction between the company and the user.

The application is interested in advertising the services provided by the company in a targeted manner, and it also enables customers to manage their accounts more easily and conveniently, as it is a wonderful application in its features, starting from its main destination to the smallest details.

How to download My Orange

First, the user searches for the My orange app in the Google Play Store.

  • The user clicks the download button or the install button.
  • The application requests the approval of some conditions, which is to view some information such as Internet connection information.
  • Information on the positioning.
  • The possibility of using the external memory of the smartphone.
  • See the user’s contact information.
  • Check the status of the smartphone.
  • The ability to make calls from the phone without the need for the user’s consent.

After agreeing to the terms by clicking on the Accept button or accept, the application will be downloaded.

After the download is complete, press the application icon on the smartphone screen to open the application, then enter the phone number to activate the account, so that the user can access my account menu.

There are many options in my personal account menu, including:

  • The user’s tariff name, my tariff, and it contains various aspects of the service such as my credit balance, which shows the user’s balance, expiration date, and choosing to ship by clicking on the shipping button.
  • By Bill, This service reveals the number of bills the user must pay, their total amount, and all the detailed information on each bill.
  • My consumption This list shows the number of minutes of the user, the number of minutes remaining, and the expiry time of the package, whether it is for Orange or any other network.
  • My internet, by clicking on it, there is detailed information about the internet such as the internet system that the customer is using, the amount of data remaining, the internet speed for this system, the expiry time of the subscription, and other options such as changing the system, canceling the package, adding megabytes, or transferring megabytes

Advantages of the My Orange app

Through the My Orange application, the company can improve its services continuously, by getting to know its users more, as it works to build an understanding of the user and his personal profile, and accordingly, the company can provide services that suit each user separately based on information about his profile and how he uses the phone Smartphone, it suggests more services to the user.

My orange application also provides the company with a lot of money because the application is a strong alternative to ads that cost the company billions of pounds. Advertising through the application saves a lot of effort and money, and more guidance and success in reaching users.

Advantages of My Orange 2021 for the user

  • The application helps the user in managing phone services, as it is free and available for all Android users.
  • My orange application provides the customer with information about offers, discounts, and access to all Orange services.
  • The user can identify the mobile applications that may benefit him.
  • The application works in Arabic and English, as the application is at the beginning of dealing with it after downloading it asks the customer whether he wants to use it in Arabic or foreign.
  • Through My Orange, customers can continue their personal use without the need to contact customer service, wait for a long time, and waste a lot of money and time.
  • Through the My orange application, the user can select the Internet package, by pressing DEL and then renew three options, namely, DEL packages, DEL services, and finally devices.
  • Through the My orange app, the customer can enjoy many entertainment features, such as Call
  • Tone, and through it, he can change his regular ringtone.
  • Include a news materials service that provides him with the latest Arab and international news, health advice, religious information, weather, and sports news, for example, Orange 8000 your personal guide 24 hours, 1111 football service to know the latest football news, and other religious services such as the ear service, prayer service, and mobile games, status.

Additional features of the My Orange app

Through the application, the user can change between three systems, such as the prepaid card which contains the daily net speech, Yaplash and Orange, the weekly system, Natawi Roqani, Kalamanji and Maak, and the second system is Control, where the net speech is 45 and 85, Control Nano, Control Free 15, Control 35, Control Free 40 and Control Free 60 and Control Free 80, and the third system is the well-known line, which is a system that contains 3 subsystems such as Star 50 or 100, Superstar 300 or 500, Super Star 700 or Global.

The My Orange application helps the customer to identify the nearest point of sale to him, and also enables him to identify his country based on GPS technology.

My Orange application helps the user to learn about the orange money service and how to transfer to it.

Through the My Orange app, the user can communicate with the company or request assistance, in a more personal and more effective way, as it is a permanent point of contact between the company and its customers, which increases customers’ attachment to the company and their adherence to it.

My orange application provides support service to its users, as it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by enabling communication between users, as many users ask about a way to use any other service they can reach users of this service and ask them, it works on Connecting all users and facilitating communication between them to share information.

The application enables the user to donate through it.

My orange app can provide the user with alerts about their consumption rate if the user wants.

App Info

Name: My Orange
Version: 9.0.6
Size: 43.63MB
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Partner Communications Company

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