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My Etisalat 2021 application, which is the famous application of Egypt Telecom, works smart to increase the interaction between the company and the user, and make the relationship between them more personal.

The application works to develop the services that the company provides to customers, and advertise them in a more targeted way, reaching a large number of users, in addition to the application that makes it easier for users to manage their accounts.

Download the My Etisalat program for Android

It is easy for all users of Android devices to download the My Etisalat application in several steps.

  • Download the application from the Google Play Store and install it on your mobile phone
  • Register an account using Etisalat’s personal number.
  • The user will receive a confirmation code “verification code” in a text message to verify ownership of the number.

My Etisalat application is profitable for the company and the user.

The company benefits from the My Etisalat application in reducing the number of employees in customer service who respond to users, informing them in an oral manner, and working to change what the user wants in his personal account manually.

It also saves the company a lot of money because the application is a strong alternative to the ads that cost the company billions of pounds. Advertising through the My Etisalat application saves a lot of time and effort, and is more targeted and successful in reaching users.

My Etisalat app features for Android

  • My Etisalat app is free for all Android users.
  • My Etisalat application displays to the user the most important information about his account and the current system of his mobile line.
  • My Etisalat application reviews the latest offers of the Etisalat network directly, through the advertising banner at the top of the list of services in the main destination of the application, as can be found on the latest offers of the communications network by clicking on the offers section.
  • My Etisalat application makes it easy for the user to transfer between different offers.
  • My Etisalat application saves the user time and effort, instead of making phone calls and using the hotline, and waiting in a long line of users for long periods in order to change something
  • Simple in the system, it depends on the websites that run on Android devices.
  • My Etisalat application enables the customer to change the price plans and change the package.
  • The destination of the My Etisalat application displays the user’s private balance or the amount due in the event that the communication line is in the billing system, in addition to knowing the consumption rate of a communication line through a consumption section.
  • My Etisalat user for Android can recharge the balance, pay the bill, or recharge the balance of another person through the application via the special credit card.

Additional advantages of the application

  • Through Etisalat My Etisalat application, the user can transfer money through Etisalat money service and many other services available within the application.
  • My Etisalat application provides reports of calls and displays a list of the most long-term calls, the longest, and other information.
  • The application enables the user to view the call log, whether incoming and outgoing calls were made from the private communication line even if it was deleted from the phone’s call log.
  • My Etisalat app provides a call forwarding feature.
  • The user can redeem points for the line and enjoy a range of offers and rewards through the More program.
  • My Etisalat for Android program has been recently redesigned, so it includes many updates in the form with developments in performance.
  • The user can, through the My Etisalat application, contact the codes through the application with one click of a button and make the charging process, thus saving the user to save a lot of codes.
  • The application provides support request service in case of problems or malfunctions through the support department.

App Info

Name: My Etisalat
Version: 22.19.1
Size: 30.43MB
Views: 1
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: CommunicationApplication
Developer: Etisalat Misr

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