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Download the Microsoft Word 2021 program for free with a direct link to Android: There is no doubt that every computer user knows the Word program completely, and most know how to work on it well. Therefore, and given the importance of this program, which is evident by the knowledge of each person, a version has been issued for smartphones running the Android system.
Word for Android has many of the features that Word for Computer does, but it doesn’t all of them.

Microsoft Word features for Android

Supports opening any Word file even if it is old, as it creates a new file with a new copy of the old file that you open because it cannot edit very old files, it also supports viewing documents in two views. These are the mobile view and the computer view. The computer presentation method is useful to give you an idea of ​​how the document appears on the computer screen, and the Word Mobile program provides you with the ability to edit documents quickly and effortlessly, the design of the program is good, but it needs some improvements. Word 2021 program for Android is not only available in English, but in many other languages, including Arabic. This is what matters most to us, but you must download language files from the Internet. The program downloads the Android system display language files automatically when it is opened for the first time so that the program’s language is the same as the system’s language.


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Learn more about the features of Word software for Android

The most important thing that you will discover after downloading the Word mobile program is that most of the features of Microsoft Word are free, and it also gives you huge options for fonts where you can make the font tilted or thick and control its color, alignment, the direction of writing, adding images and various menus, and editing them with ease. The program can be put on display mode only to read the document and look at it as this mode makes you unable to modify the document and thus read without fear of making a mistake that erases the writing or makes it incomprehensible. It is easy to switch between one-touch display and editing mode on a specific location.

There is a small text field in which you can write an order to execute it if it is difficult for you to access this command, and you do not need to type the entire command. Microsoft Word will display suggestions dynamically as you type the command and you can choose what you want, and the Word program can count the words of documents and letters with spaces and without Distances, by choosing the word number command, which can be shown easily by writing the phrase number of words in the place to search for commands. Microsoft Word also supports opening PDF files for e-books.

The Word Mobile app for Android mobile enables you to save the program to the document automatically every few seconds or whenever you make changes to the document to ensure that your work is not lost if the application suddenly closes, and the program is very easy to do the save and save operations with the name, printing and other operations. Word 2021 allows you to change the file format when saving. For example, you can save the document as an electronic book in PDF format easily. WordPress for iPhone 2021 provides the ability to check spelling and warn you when there is an error by putting a line under it. There are more and more other features of Microsoft Word for Android. You can discover it yourself.

The disadvantages of Microsoft Word for Android

  • The program does not contain all the commands contained in the Word for the computer program if it lacks a lot of luxury commands that allow editing the document with more professionalism and more speed.
  • You are not allowed to amend documents and create them an unlimited number of times unless you log in to a Microsoft account from it.
  • There are some features for editing on OneDrive that the program does not support.
  • How do you save a PDF file from a Word document using the Word app for Android?
  • Ensure that there is an internet connection on your phone.
  • Open the document from which you want to copy a PDF file using the Word application.
  • Click Options, Print, and wait a moment.
  • You will see a screen with a yellow circle in which to write a PDF, click on it.
  • A copy of the PDF will immediately be saved to your device’s internal storage in a folder called My Documents.

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Developer: Microsoft Corporation

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