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Name MoboReader
Author Fuzhou Xianzhi Ruishi Informat
Category Text and Documents
System android
License Free
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App: MoboReader

Smartphone screens have been improved enough to be able to provide us with a great reader experience, providing us with pleasant and comfortable reading sessions.

So, right now, we can enjoy a wide range of Android apps for reading e-books, which also allow us to buy and download books on our device, be it smartphone or tablet.

MoboReader for Android is an electronic reader that stores PDF read files, thus we can use our reading hobby and expand our digital library of books of all kinds and on all subjects.

MoboReader features

  • Mobi Reader 2020 has its own magazine, thanks to which we can buy new books, and also gives us an opportunity to read books for free.
  • MobiReader for Android also provides us with a simple interface that allows us to read easily, as well as the ability to customize it through its various options.
  • Program that supports various topics that are found in regular libraries such as science fiction, comedy, and adventure, etc.
  • A fully customizable reading experience, build your own bookcase from the book collection, and pretend to really read books.
  • Download books for offline reading.
  • Compatible with all types of text files.
  • You can now download the MoboReader app for Android with the latest direct link, version 2020.

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