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Free Download Google Text for Android 2020: Google Text-to-Speech application is one of the Google company applications, which is special for converting texts into spoken voice speech.

The text-to-speech application allows converting texts into speech, as the application enables the user to read the screen with a voice as it is a screen reader application.

The application of the Google company supports reading applications with voice and supports many different languages, and it is the distinctive application to work with Google Playbooks applications to be able to read books through the application or read the translation that the Google Translate application translated, as it can pronounce foreign words perfectly, and it can also Work across various third-party applications.

The Google Text-to-Speech service started in November 2013 and developed in stages according to the languages ​​being gradually supported.

Different life uses of Google Text-to-Speech app

Many companies have tried to provide models for applications or programs that can convert texts into spoken speech, including:

Hyundai started in 2021 by using textiles and WhatsApp applications with a “text-to-speech” feature to read notifications and provide voice response functionality.

WaveNet used Text-to-Speech, a program DeepMind created in 2021 to turn the company’s innovations into concrete products.

Advantages of Google Text to Speech app

  • It is considered the ideal application for users who are blind or have low vision or even elderly people who have difficulty reading, but it is not in Arabic.
  • High-quality sounds are available with different accents for each language.
  • Reliance on new voices is always male and female.
  • A simple and intuitive user interface, with easy to choose between different voices.
  • Use the app to listen to books published on Google Play, aloud.
  • The ability to translate Google from different languages ​​and hear it loudly and with distinctive quality
  • Interact with the TalkBack application through the application to enable access to spoken comments and notes.
  • Interact with many other applications on the Play Store.

Newly added features of Google Text to Speech app

  • Additional French support for Canadians, along with Javanese and Sudanese.
  • Support more voices to choose from for “Australian, British” English, and French for France.
  • All voices for a language can now be loaded together to save storage space.
  • Performance improvements for 64-bit hardware.
  • Add various other improvements to the sounds.
  • The year 2021 is considered the best year for the application, as updates reached it at a monthly update rate, while in 2021 there were only two updates throughout the year.

How to use the Google Text-to-Speech feature

Download Google Text to Speech Maker The Google Text to Speech feature can be used on the Android device by entering the Settings menu, entering “Language and Input” and then selecting “Text to Speech”.

And choosing the Google Text-to-Speech engine as the preferred.

Disadvantages of Google Text-to-Speech app

  • The application does not support the Arabic language, and Google does not intend to support it in the application despite the presence of hundreds of Arab researchers working in the company, and the company unofficially justifies this by saying that the accents of the Arabic language are multiple and cannot be limited.
  • The application does not support all applications via the Google Play Store, as it supports a few of them, and even the Google applications themselves only support “Google Translate, Google Play for Books”.

Languages ​​supported by Google Text-to-Speech

The application supports a large number of languages, including:

  • English “American, British, Australian and Hindi”.
  • Spanish “Spanish, American”.
  • Bengali “India and Bangladesh”.
  • Mandarin “China, Taiwan”.
  • French, German, Greek, Italian, Russian.
  • Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Korean, and Indonesian.
  • Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, Hindi, Hungarian, Khmer, Nepali, Norwegian, and Polish as well as Romanian, Sinhalese, Slovak, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Cantonese (Hong Kong).

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Name: Google Text-to-Speech
Version: 103.12.8
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Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: Google Inc.

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