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Google Drive is Google’s cloud computing application and allows users to store via computing.

Google Drive app is the safest place to save files, as they are saved via online computing to facilitate access from anywhere in the world, through a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

It includes files that can be saved, documents of all kinds, pictures and videos, and even contacts, which are files saved on the computing, which prevents their loss and loss.

The Google Drive application allows the user to invite other people to edit documents or view an image or an entire file from them.

Google Drive service history

Download google drive app for Android: Google Drive launched a service for computer storage for the first time in April of 2012, and it can be considered a similar service or a supplement to the service “Google Docs”, a service that used to belong to documents where files are uploaded to Google servers to secure them while providing an opportunity for users To edit these files while they are on servers.

The “Dux” feature differs in that the ability to edit was only available to file owners, and it also had the OCR feature, which is a feature of optical character recognition to facilitate the editing of scanned documents.

Google Drive benefits

  • Allow files to be stored without risk of loss.
  • The ability to easily search for files by name or their content.
  • The ability to share files saved via computing or folders via the application itself.
  • Allow the smartphone camera to scan documents.
  • Quick access to the user’s own content.
  • The application arranges the documents at the time of access, to facilitate access to the last files.
  • The integration between the Google Drive application and the Google photo application, to enable the display of photos and videos via the drive.
  • Give different levels of file management through the application, each person can be given different powers from the other for the same file.
  • Dealing with most of the different formats for documents, photos, and videos.
  • Provides details for each file, and reviews the timing of the addition and the name and file format of the file.
  • Sync files in the app with files stored on the Windows PC, or with Apple’s Mac devices.

Latest features added to Google Drive

  • Show the last modified photos, so that documents and images are subject to the last appearance feature.
  • Quick access button, which is to access the latest amendments that have been added documents.
  • In-app search engine filtering for easier file access within Google Drive.
  • Use the app to send files over 25 GB via Gmail.
  • Recover lost files or information through a dedicated button.

Google Drive app defects

So far the only apparent defect is the insurance defect, as a number of researchers and scientists believe that Google has access to these files and examined them electronically accurately, which means that computing is good for traditional users but it cannot be appropriate for dangerous or security information, and access to it is a major problem.

Formats that Google Drive deals with

Download the Google Drive program for Android The application can deal with images in “JPEG, PNG, BMP, JIF” formats, and videos in “MPEG4, 3GPP, MOV, AVI, MPEG-PS” and WMV formats. As for the various documents and texts, the application handles them in TXT formats, and all formats Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, along with PowerPoint, with PDF, along with the application dealing with JavaScript, CSS, PHP, C CPP, H, HPP formats, as well as all compressed files.

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