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Download 4liker = For Android

Download 4 liker program for Android 2021 for free 4liker application is the application that we all need and we cannot find it, it is the application responsible for increasing the number of likes “like” for the posters through the social networking site “Facebook” for free and without effort.

Facebook has become the focus of a great race among its users to get the largest number of likes on different publications as if they have become the only motivation for existence, hence the importance of applications that increase the number of those likes, including 4liker application.

4liker gives the user the freedom to choose the number of likes that will increase on the post and specify the numbers for each post, from within the user’s Facebook page, without any spam or damage to your account.

The advantages of downloading 4liker from the official website

  • No spam, as 4liker does not send any spam messages related to the application itself, or other messages, to the mail or Facebook account.
  • Immediate “likes” likes, where 350 likes per post can be obtained, and up to 15,000 likes can be found on posts, photos and albums, while post replies are out of numbers.
  • 4liker has been on the Internet for more than 6 years, so it is a reliable site, offering free services for free.
  • You can download the free program for Facebook likes to download 4liker app download latest version 2020.

Safe features with 4liker app

  • Get the needed exposure to your Facebook page, by increasing the number of likes on your own posts.
  • Security As 4liker adds likes without harmful messages or existing harm, it is completely safe.
  • Trust, as 4liker will not use your personal or friends ’accounts to add any posts, either to advertise the app itself, or to make an announcement for anything.
  • Credibility, as 4liker, won’t post anything that can spoil your friends on your work on an app to increase the number of likes.
  • Customer service is working continuously, as they can contact them or send messages to them through their site in case of any problem or any error to work on its treatment as soon as possible.

How to log in to 4Liker

  • 4liker uses Access Token Based authentication, which is the token or private key that is generated from Facebook for its site, and the application must obtain the user’s login code, which is the code that can be used to log in to the official website of “FourLakeer” and the 4liker application.
  • You must download the 4liker application from the Koigi website, then install the application after decompressing in the event that it will be a zip file.
  • The URL of the 4liker app must be copied to the app’s home page or website, open on a new tab, and then moved, then copy and paste the full URL to the next entry and start logging in.
  • You must click on “log in” and agree to the terms, conditions, and privacy which is the application policies, and it is recommended that you read it first.
  • Finally, the user places his Facebook page on the site or application, in order for the application to obtain the login code.

It is advised that these steps be taken for the first time through the official website

4liker application download services

Like likes, include automatic likes for Facebook posts, automatic likes for pictures, automatic likes for share.

Comments, including automatic comments on Facebook posts, automatic comments on photos via Facebook, automatic comments on the share.

Instagram gadgets, including automatic “Like” likes for Instagram, additional Instagram followers, free automatic comments for photos and statuses via Instagram.

Disadvantages of 4liker application

Because the 4liker app offers the required likes for free at no charge, it compensates for that sometimes overrated ads through the app.

App Info

Name: 4liker
Version: 2.5
Size: 2.06MB
Package: io.app4.liker
Views: 0
Op. System: Android
applicationCategory: UtilitiesApplication
Developer: 4Liker

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