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Windows Live Messenger

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Download Windows Live Messenger = For PC 2024

Download Windows Live Messenger 2021 download Windows Live Messenger, formerly called Messenger MSN Messenger is one of the famous chat programs and is the traditional and strongest competitor to Yahoo Messenger.

Windows Live Messenger 98 was the chat program for Hotmail, but after Hotmail’s connection to Microsoft changed its name to Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Messenger has many features that make it the best among its likes of chat programs, so it has great popularity and is used by millions around the world.

Some advantages of Windows Live Messenger

The latest version of Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Messenger features several features in the form and content, including:

  • Download Windows Live Messenger 2021 Arabic program Microsoft has made changes to the shape of the Messenger, which makes it the most elegant among its competitors, especially Yahoo Messenger, so they deleted the settings menu above the Messenger, they became characterized by self-hiding and you can show them through the ALT button.
  • The program features great tools for sharing photos via Messenger, allowing its users to share photos very easily, and displays them to others in an elegant and wonderful way.
  • Messenger provides great tools for its users to manage communications with friends and others, making you fully in control of your conversations via Messenger.
  • Download windows live messenger for computer 2021 for free
  • Windows Live Messenger has the advantage of having voice chats through Microsoft servers, which makes calls better in terms of sound accuracy and speed of communication.
  • The elderly program also allows its users to be able to communicate via video calls or video calls, and this feature is very important for Internet users to see their relatives and friends in exile.
  • It also contains thousands of emoticons, which help you express what you want in a funny way, but they contain some drawings that show some faces that have been spoken forbidden by some Muslim scholars. Therefore, the first is not to use these expressive faces and use expressions that do not contain faces.

Some disadvantages of Windows Live Messenger

  • Its main menu after the programmed company made it disappear automatically, it became uncomfortable for the user, even though the messenger looks better than previous versions.
  • When the user uses some of the modes in Windows Live Messenger: such as Do Not Disturb or something similar, messages stop, no one can communicate with him, and Messenger does not tell him what happened when the “Do Not Disturb” status was
  • Microsoft is taking advantage of the program’s interface to place ads, which bothers many users and consumes some of their internet power.

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