TinyCAD Build

TinyCAD Build

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2021 TinyCAD is a free program developed on the basis of a license based on open code, thanks to which we will draw electronic diagrams consisting of elements from many categories. Its base is rich, as it includes components that are already in place with their parameters, you can describe the diagram that was additionally created by a clear legend in which the data of the project author can be placed.

Download TinyCAD Build program for computer for free, with a direct link in the latest version 2020

Features of TinyCAD Build 2021 Free Download

  • In addition to the ability to draw electronic circuits along with describing the elements placed sequentially in the design, we also have the ability to create a list of simple used components based on common formats, in turn, any drawing sections can be surrounded by any polygons or other areas, which will allow you to highlight Highlight some sections of the drawing or define which parts will be discussed in detail in the following sketches we create.
  • The knowledge in the help file is extensive, but enough to start the tool efficiently and start creating professional electronic diagrams.
  • The comfort of work can be controlled through the level of settings, among which are the ability to change the color of markings in the graphs or enable the grid to facilitate the preparation of components.
  • The convenient feature is the ability to automatically save the project in every specified number of minutes.

App Info

Name: TinyCAD Build
Size: 15.67MB
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Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: DesignApplication
Developer: tinycad

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