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Paint is a drawing program that comes integrated with Windows operating systems, this program allows you to draw and modify images with many options and export the drawing that you draw in a large number of formats.

Paint.NET program features

  • The program is very light and consumes only a very small amount of memory.
  • If you are using a Windows operating system, whether it is Windows 7, 10, or any other type of Windows, you do not need to install the program, it comes bundled with the system.
  • You can paint by modifying existing images you have by opening them with it and then making the adjustments you want on them.
  • Paint supports opening too many image formats for modifications like JPG and PNG and others.
  • The program enables you to modify images using a number of tools such as the cropping tool and the writing tool for images.
  • The clipping tool allows you to cut as a rectangle or as a freeform and you can create multiple copies of any part of the image using it by copying and pasting the part you want to duplicate into the image itself.
  • The Writing tool supports writing with a transparent background and an opaque background, and you can choose the font color, type, and size.
  • The Paint program contains a number of shapes that you can add to the image or drawing, such as the circle, rectangle, ellipse, and other shapes. The program also allows you to adjust the dimensions of the shape that you add to the image when adding it.
  • The program is very simple, and anyone can use it to make simple adjustments even to people with only a slight computer experience.

Disadvantages of Paint.NET program

  • The Paint program is designed for minor modifications, and logos cannot be designed using it at all. If you want to design something, do not expect this painter to concern you with design programs.
  • When adding something to the image or drawing, such as writing, shapes, or even another image or drawing, after adding it and completing the amendment to it and placing it in the place you want, the program considers it part of the drawing immediately, meaning that it merges it with the drawing and erases everything immediately below it.

Why use Paint.NET?

As we saw above, Paint is a very simple program. Therefore it is usually used to make adjustments to the explanation pictures, for example, or to the images that you want to send to someone through the communication sites, because if you want to refer to something in the picture, the Paint program is the appropriate program for this task being simple, and it is used to make simple adjustments quickly.

App Info

Name: Paint.NET
Version: 4.3.11
Size: 61.01 MB
Views: 1
Op. System: Windows
applicationCategory: DesignApplication
Developer: Washington State University

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