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Download Kelk Program for Arabic Calligraphy 2020. The Kalak Program is a program for computers that works on all modern versions of Windows, designed and developed by the Iranian company Sinasoft (Sinasoft). All of you are an alternative to learning to plan in Arabic and benefit designers who want to write Arabic words in professional fonts.

More than 30 professional calligraphers from Iran, the Arab world, and Turkey, headed by the famous professional Iraqi calligrapher Yusuf Thanoon, participated in designing the program, with Othman Taha’s calligraphers and calligrapher Professor Hashem Muhammad Al-Baghdadi, making it a unique program. Many Arabic fonts were entered into the computer in this program, but there are still some fonts that did not enter, because they are very accurate.

And also, because each letter takes many forms according to its place in the word or the sentence as a whole, as it is possible that the introduction of some Arabic fonts to the computer needs to enter thousands of sentences, phrases and words, and this takes time and great effort, and it needs professionals. The program name is taken from the Persian word for calligrapher or quill.

Kelk fonts for Arabic fonts 2020

As mentioned above, the program is well compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, as it works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and all other recent versions that were launched after Windows 7. Also, the use of the program is relatively easy and can be used easily. Business can be exported in various extensions including TIF, PSD, EPS, BMP, and others.

Who benefits Kelk program?

The program can be used by all designers and calligraphers, but the production of designers on it will not be like the production of a calligrapher, where the work of calligrapher will be more beautiful, because the professional calligrapher knows the rules of calligraphy that he wants to write with, so he puts letters, motifs, and combinations in their exact correct places.

Unlike a designer who knows nothing of the rules of any Arabic calligraphy most of the time. That is, the program benefits designers a lot, but if the designer uses a professional calligrapher, his work will be more beautiful and what he produces on this program will be much better.

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