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Download the Sony Vegas 2021 Arabic program with a direct link, Sony Vegas Pro 16, one of the strongest known programs for producing video and audio mics, so if you talk about montage programs, you should mention this program with mentioning; This is because of its uses in various technical works by major international companies in this field, as it has a sweeping popularity as it is available from many versions that contain many features that suit the capabilities of each user.

About the program sony vegas pro 2020

Download the Sony vegas pro 16 program The program was first invented by Sonic Foundry but soon Sony bought it, which explains the reason for its famous name “Sony Vegas”, where Sony developed the program and launched several versions until it stopped doing so when it was released Thirteenth, then the program was sold to Magix, which launched the fourteenth edition in 2016 before launching the fifteenth edition in 2017.

The last version of the program includes many features and filters that suit various video formats, and other characteristics that made him sold in the field of audio and video editing, and the various effects that qualified him to be eligible for technical works and large projects, but that does not prevent that the program has some defects or The shortcomings if we compare it with other competing montage programs, which we will learn about in the following lines.

Explanation of downloading the new Sony Vegas 15 software

Sony Vegas Pro 15 contains a lot of tools through which the user can edit audio and video at the same time, it also contains visual effects and filters that are compatible with the latest operating systems, which results in an integrated environment for editing, and it is worth noting that my dear reader knows that This program, when it was first released, was for audio editing only, before it changed in its second release.

By downloading the Sony Vegas 2021 program for free, you can create multiple tracks for both audio and video, and you can also modify the audio and video clips in the same project with the quality and sound level that you want, as well as the ability to include these clips inside the project, and the version The latter of the program was designed specifically to suit the latest video and camera formats that exist to be able to produce larger and higher quality projects than before.

easy to use; Most of the commands in the program are not complicated, as you can find in other programs. You can speed up and slow down the shots, divide the events, and drag and insert easily.

Like other famous montage programs, it has the feature of adding different effects and transitions, and you can also edit texts and control the green background, and enter a three-dimensional effect and mix paths, and if the video contains vibrations, you can do to cancel it, and a third party can also be entered On the program to install and add filters.

Download the Sony Vegas Arabic program for free. The program’s interface has been developed to become simple, with colors and buttons better than before. A hamburger menu has been added that allows the user to control the appearance and concealment of tools to make it simple and not crowded on the program. The dialog box has become more organized than ever before. Encryption operations have been accelerated, and one of the best things that have been done in the new version is the addition of filters of various kinds, and it is also possible through the recent update to raise projects on social media.

Program disadvantages

Perhaps the most prominent reason for the decline in popularity of Sony Vegas 14 during the past few years due to the time difference between each release and the next; The program is very late in launching newer versions, perhaps due to the intense competition with other montage programs; Where Adobe is the fiercest in its competition, it releases After Effects program year after year, which has been and continues to meet sweeping popularity that has somewhat affected the popularity of Vegas.
One of the things that annoys the users of this program is that it does not contain the ability to draw vector, as it does not contain tools for the camera and cannot import other projects from 3D programs, and there is also a bug in the export of video in the format of mp4.
Therefore, fans of this program are waiting for more and more of his new company (Magics) in order to solve these problems and issue more other copies that are more advanced and more efficient than its predecessor.

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