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VSDC 2020, if you never used a video editor, don’t worry because VSDC developers have thought carefully about this: once you open this program and access every option on your home screen, it will offer you a step-by-step tutorial online for you to learn to open a new project or Start editing and exporting the project, and if you like, you can also access the Pro version after making convenient payments.

How 2021 VSDC Free Video Editor works

Once you control the program, you can use all the available options, but more basic functions are very intuitive and easy to understand. You can also download VSDC Free Video Editor for free with a direct link.

The easiest way to use the 2021 VSDC Free Video Editor program is to add the elements you want to edit and modify in the bottom field where you can put them in the timeline, there, we can adjust the entry times for each part as well as control the effects, implement the synchronization of sound and image and special effects, and anything you imagine , And insert it into the video.

VSDC free video editor download for PC

After we have created our visual design, we can add many elements like animations, text, graphics, subtitles, audio files … etc, even all kinds of sound effects.

Downloading the VSDC 2021 software also includes a very easy-to-use top editor and comes with a very fun and practical design.

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