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Movie Maker program loads a lot of computer users who have a lot of videos and pictures that they want to modify and produce interactive videos through or perhaps to edit and cut these videos to be short and separate from the rest of the video in order to display them to become attractive and distinctive, but the problem that faces many users when They want to do this is that they do not have the necessary skills that would qualify them to deal with video editing software.

Download Windows Movie Maker program for Windows 10, those programs that are usually of large size and high capabilities, which drives users to search for the lightest and easiest programs in this field to overcome them with these obstacles and to create and edit videos easily and easily, one of the most famous and easiest of these programs is a program Windows Movie Maker.

About the movie maker program

Through Movie Maker, you can edit videos and amend them in a way that suits your desire simply without the need for any complication or effort mentioned as we see in various complex video programs such as After Effect, through this program you can customize the videos without the need for familiarity or full knowledge With these things; The program has a smooth and easy interface and simple tools.
And if we want to check the quality of this program, we only need to know that it is produced by Microsoft, which is rich in definition, and which is distinguished by its software spread all over the world, which has achieved and is still achieving many successes.

Movie Maker features

Download the Windows Movie Maker Arabic program for free now, after we got acquainted with the Windows Movie Maker program. Let’s take a look at the most important features and features:

video editing

One of the main features and things that the program offers is the ability of the user to cut the video as desired and import it with a view to incorporating it into the video that they want to create or even with the goal of keeping this clip separately from the original video, or perhaps some want to cut the video to upload it to the Internet and share it With his friends on networking sites.
And other things that the user may need this feature to do, and also through this feature, you can control the speed of the video, not only that; You can also take a still picture from the video and make various effects on this image or the video clip, put the desired titles and other things that make your movie a masterpiece.

Insert pictures and sound

Download the 2021 Arabic windows movie maker program for free. Through Windows Movie Maker, you can insert images and sound into videos that you create and modify, and you can control the timeframe of these images as well as the time periods that the link is combined with the video, which gives The user has the opportunity to fully control the video time in proportion to his own desire.


Download Movie Maker 2021 The program contains a lot of distinct transitional effects that give an attractive character to your video; The effects of the transition between the images is one of the most things that attract the attention of viewers in addition to that the program contains many other visual effects, and of course you can control when and when these effects appear.

Video preview

Before you save your video, you can preview it directly through this feature and review it before you save it, you no longer need to save your videos every time, and through this feature, the user can discover errors and adjust them as desired.

Writing on videos

Movie Maker 2021 download the latest Arabic version download movie maker The program has many forms of writing that allow the user to write on the videos he edits with the most beautiful effects in addition to the ability to control the size and color of the font, which is useful for innovators and product lovers and video makers in the work of introductions of clips Attractively and distinctively.

Operating platforms

windows movie maker download windows 7 windows 10 where Windows Movie Maker works on different versions of Windows (XP-Vista-Windows 7-Windows 8).

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