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Scratch 2 is a free animation program for children that converts key program elements such as Objects, Measures, Rules, and Conditions into simple blocks that you can drag from the list and drop in the scripting area. Pick up some of these elements together, and you can create text that makes “sprite” speak, play different sound effects, or move across the screen and interact with other animated patterns.

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Scratch 2 consists of a window with 4 easily organized sections. These sections are “Object Library, Program Square, Staging Area, Preview Windows,” Controls are intuitive enough for children to start with simple maneuvers, such as making the orange cat stick walk ahead and do a job. Wave movements, but also at the same time complicated enough to build interactive games or play complex texts, such as different videos, and this is used trigger buttons and various other effects.


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New Scratch 2020

Scratch contains social networking elements, where you can upload your completed creation to the Scratch website, meaning that you can download a ready-made design for another subscriber from the official website of the program, which leads to opening the script and animation in your local application, and this allows you to build Modifying this design or unlocking its programming secrets.

Scratch application features an interactive graphical user interface that fits with most computers as well as laptops and provides you with a lot of tools to create and develop interactive stories, games, and your own animation, and you can also share the content of your creations with other users in the Internet community, and this develops It promotes the idea of ​​working cooperatively.

Scratch 2 program to help students

Scratch 2 has been classified as one of the best educational tools that help students in different levels of education and develop their ideas, as the programs can be used by students with ease, which gives them an opportunity for innovation and creativity. You can download the Scratch 2 program from the computer software download section for free, as it shows programs to combat Viruses This program is clean and free from any malicious programs, so you can download Scratch 2 while you are comfortable.

Using Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations, share these creations with your friends over the Internet, the latest Scratch 2021 program that helps young people learn creative thinking, use the mind systematically, and give you an opportunity to work collectively with your companions.

Benefits of Scratch for computer

You can use the Scratch Kids program as an educational tool that aims to help a new generation of young people learn the basic concepts of programming programs, where through the Scratch application you can design not only cartoon characters, but you can also make these characters move, talk and interact with each other through the use of tools that This beautiful program provides you.

In fact, a Scratch computer program can do a large number of interesting procedures to help children learn how to code. When we look at Scratch and use it primarily, we take a graphical programming language and use it to program in a much easier way than you might receive with traditional programming languages.

Another great thing about this program is how you can use it to create a script that captures the graphic blocks together, and you can use it to create a puzzle by designing the images that move and when creating the images that move you can also choose the moving responses through some movements with the mouse, and this helps children to know How much creativity and fun they can get through programming and learning the computer language.

Scratch for Kids

Really there are a few creative outlets where you can enjoy the same level of creativity as in programming as you add the audio clips you want, Scratch gives you a lot of fun things to learn, but it can take some time before you fully master the use of Scratch Kids But, you are not disappointed about the possibility of learning and mastering the work on Scratch, as the main difficulty of this program comes mostly from the program having many different features to check the best creative designs.

The program itself is not difficult to learn, but the difficulty comes only in the many features of the Scratch 2 program, as it is full of wonderful tools through which you can build the best construction and animation, just unleash your imagination, and once your project is completed via Scratch, you can share on the site to find out what Others have opinions about your design, this also gives its users the opportunity to communicate with a community involved in programming, they can also meet like minds that inspire them to continue learning programming, and you can also share your design on Facebook.

You can include your project on some social networking sites such as Facebook, which allows you to share with your friends and family, the 2021 Scratch program encourages everyone to learn programming, and at the same time, critical thinking inspires you to solve problems because this is one of the most important skills needed to become a programmer.


  • This program is specially formulated to help children learn how to code.
  • Scratch provides you with an active community with which you can share your projects.
  • Inspires children to learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


There is some difficulty in using the program accurately at the beginning of your interactions with it, but it is worth persevering to learn, because the program is great and you can after downloading the Scratch 2 program for free from the site -kuegy – and after mastering dealing with this amazing program, you will be able to create a magazine

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