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Whiteboard style helps you attract many views due to the fact that this type of content is very popular, hence the role of the VideoScribe program that helps you to create animated videos that you use in marketing or education without any experience.

Introducing VideoScribe program for the computer

VideoScribe is a high-quality application developed by Sparkol to help users create animations and explanatory videos, and VideoScribe is often used to create and display video clips accompanying an audio commentary explaining a story or promoting a product or idea using a whiteboard that shows a hand that draws Illustrations, this style has become very attractive to viewers and has high viewership rates, and is also very effective in marketing and education.

VideoScribe features of the computer

  • The program provides a rich library of pictures and audio files, which means that you do not have to create your own content from scratch.
  • You can extract the video you have prepared and export it in several different formats to multiple platforms.
  • VideoScribe is completely safe, it installs smoothly and only interacts with your computer to export or import the files you choose, it does not contain any malware, and it is produced by a well-known company which is Sparkol company located in the United Kingdom.
  • You can add text, change the graphic style and color in a similar way to PowerPoint, choose images from Sparkol Photo Library or even import your own images, but unlike PowerPoint, Videoscribe does not separate your presentation into slides but displays it via artboard.
  • Videoscribe also allows you to add audio tracks or music tracks, specify the size, color, and style of the element you want to draw, specify how long you want the hand to take to draw, and even change the shape of the hand that draws the presentation if you do not like the virtual hands provided by Sparkol.
  • Large library of audio-visual elements including soundtracks.
  • The application provides a simple educational course that highlights how to use all the features of the program, and there are many educational content on the Internet for how to use the program and how to create creative videos.

Is VideoScribe free?

Unfortunately VideoScribe is not a free program, but you can try the program for 7 days for free, but your export options will be limited to Youtube, Facebook, and Powerpoint and every video will have a watermark.

Once you have created your project, you can export it as a video file or upload it to Youtube, Facebook, or Powerpoint, and the watermark will be placed on the videos that were exported during the trial period and cannot be exported as separate files.

If you decide to purchase the software, you can pay $ 144 for one year, or pay $ 29 a month, you can also pay a one-time license fee of $ 665 and use the software forever, but this is not cost-effective unless you plan to use the program consistently.

Download VideoScribe for PC

Video Scribe makes it easy to create videos using simple steps, start adding pictures and text, set animation times, record or import any audio captions, then post.

We know that there is nothing worse than opening up an animation program for the first time and feeling completely confused by the layout and design of the interface, but it’s different with VideoScribe, everything is presented clearly, with a simple and intuitive interface, there are also step-by-step tips that guide you what to do at the time The first time you open the program.

VideoScribe is compatible with both Mac and PC, and limited-release versions of the app are available for iOS and Android.

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