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Microsoft Word is an organized program, which means that we can create different types of graphics and tables without clustering with unnecessary templates, as all the responsible functions fall into one place.

Galleries in Microsoft Word are a good option for creating different types of shapes or automatic charts.

The main screen of Microsoft Word is very practical, because when writing on the tape we can find many necessary functions.

This bar is intended to improve the work of the Word Editor user, the optimum screen resolution for displaying the bar is: 1024 x 786 pixels.

We can divide this bar to:

  • Bookmarks: They combine specific categories, such as file, main tools, insertion, design, page layout, references, correspondence, review, presentation.
  • Groups: are tab components, such as clipboard, font, paragraph, styles, and editing. Command and Gallery buttons are used to call specific commands.

We can hide the bar by pressing Ctrl + F1 or double-clicking the active tab with the left mouse button.

We can also restore it by pressing the same key combination or by clicking on the active tab again.

Thanks to the tape, you can easily see the meaning of a particular command. To do this, hover over any icon and after a moment you will see a description of the selected command.

You can also play the bar using the keyboard, all you have to do is press the left Alt key, and the bar will show you keyboard shortcuts so we can move from one command to another.

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After we have reviewed a simple introduction to Microsoft Word and the most important element in its interface, we mean the toolbar, let us come together to look at the most interesting functions of Microsoft Word that you may not know anything about, let us review some of them for you:

1- Evaluating the accuracy and degree of difficulty of the article

Microsoft software is not only able to check the spelling and grammar, but this giant can also assess the complexity of the text and check whether your article is appropriate to the level of understanding all kinds of readers or not.

2- Highlight the text area

If you press Alt (Option on the Mac) while clicking and dragging the mouse, a frame will be created with all of the text inside, this is a way to beautify the text and make it more visible.

3- Generating stale texts automatically

If you just want to add incomprehensible text, Word will help you based on an automatic generator set called Lorem Ipsum that will allow you to generate a large amount of stale Latin characters.

4- Performing mathematical calculations

Sometimes you have to do some calculations, but you don’t want to run Windows Calculator, don’t worry, Word will help you do your simple and complicated calculations.

Note: This functionality is not currently available on Mac.

5- Convert to PDF and HTML

Word can convert text to PDF or HTML, when you “save as” from the “File” menu, you will see a “Save as type” drop-down menu, which provides a set of options including PDF and webpage.

Another option is to use free conversion pages from Word to Clean HTML – generate HTML code based on the text that was copied and pasted directly from Word.

6- Move the cursor to the place you just edited

The Shift-F5 key combination allows you to return the cursor to the place you just edited.

7- Change style and shape

There is something interesting in a WordPress computer program that many may not know, as you can change the style and appearance of any text in your article. For example, if you want to convert all blue text to purple, do the following:

Go to Find => Advanced Find => More.
Go to Format => Font menu and choose Blue.
Then do the same with the substitution to purple.
Finally, click “Replace All”.

There are several things that you can fix depending on this feature, such as margins, lines and line spacing.

8- Automatic update date and time

If you have a document that you want to open repeatedly to edit some important information in it, you can update the time automatically, by the following:

Under the “Insert” tab, click the “Date and Time” button and a popup window will appear.
Click the desired time format and then click “Automatic Update” in the lower right corner. Now the time and date in the document will be updated every time you open (or print) it.
Likewise on a Mac, go to Insert => Date and Time.

9- The ability to delete the history of documents that were recently opened in Microsoft Word

If you want to keep your documents safe, especially when sharing a computer with someone else, you can delete the history of recent Microsoft Word articles to ensure that no one can track them.

When you open Microsoft Word, you will see a list of recently edited documents in the upper left corner of the screen, you can delete all traces of previously opened documents or completely disable this list so that no one can know which documents have been opened previously.

How to delete the history

  1. Open Microsoft Word, a list of the latest open articles will be displayed on the left side of the screen.
  2. Right-click on any text name and choose “Delete unregistered documents”.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the removal in the next notification, for documents that were recently opened in Word will be removed from the list.

10- Ability to disable the list of documents that were recently opened in Word

  1. Open any document in Word.
  2. Go to Files> Options.
  3. Go to the Word Options screen> choose the Advanced tab> find the display item.
  4. To disable the list of open documents, set Show this number of recent documents to 0 and click OK to finish.

(This process is for Microsoft Word 2016), so it will be slightly different from earlier versions of Word.

11- View the latest documents

If you want to get the list of recently opened documents on the Word taskbar, do the following:

  • In Windows 10, click Start> Settings> Personalization.
  • Click Start in the left corner menu.
  • Click Show recently opened items in Jump Lists on the Start or Taskbar to convert the switch to Shutdown.

Final advice

We will conclude the article with some important points about this program:

  • Microsoft Word must be installed on Windows 7 or later.
  • 365 is the ability to use the Office suite when connected to the Internet.
  • An important element of the text editor is the functionality bar, options and commands that we can customize according to our needs.
  • There is a quick access bar in Word (it contains commands that we use often, such as save, undo, and redo).

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